Polish Your Digestive Tract with Afke’s Lemon-Ginger-Apple Cleanse!

Afke Zonderland, Chef and Founder, Okanagan Rawsome

Afke Zonderland, Okanagan Rawsome

Okanagan Rawsome’s mission is to awaken your taste buds to delicious raw, sprouted, gluten-free and vegan living! Afke Zonderland, Chef & CEO shares how easy it is to live a whole-food philosophy and make the healthiest choices for yourself and your family.

  • Can’t find your car keys in a regular basis?
  • Don’t remember why you are standing in the cool room downstairs?
  • Is it diminished brain function – of loss of focus?

“The notion of losing one’s mind as we age is not as unavoidable as we are led to believe.”

memory-lossNew research into our incredible memory and brain function is absolutely “mind” boggling. We can actually continue to improve our mind and increase our memory as we age. Don’t let your biological age stop you if you‘ve always wanted to sign up for Spanish classes but never had the time!

Improving brain function has more to do with exercise than even a brain-supporting high Omega 3 supplement or diet.  Aerobic exercise for 20 minutes 6 days a week seems to be optimal. Aerobic exercise translates in keeping your heart rate at a comfortable 110 to 130 beats per minute.   Subtract your age from 180 to establish your ideal target.

If walking is your favorite form of outdoor exercise, be sure to go at a speed that raises your heart rate.   Having a heart monitor is a great help at least until you have your best guess within your personal range.

The benefits of quality exercise almost every day reaches far beyond improved brain function. Fresh air and vigorous exercise improve circulation, digestive and lymphatic function. Add to that a good night’s sleep and you ‘ll be waking up in the morning ready to dance into a new day and get a head start on your Spanish.

Afke’s Lemon-Ginger-Apple Cleanse
It never hurts your thinking to keep your gut polished and it is the secret to a happy liver and kidneys. The following  drink gives your gut a good rinse.  Making this day a “plant to plate” day will increase the benefits even more. Alternately, give your digestive tract a rest and commit to a one-day liquid cleanse. The following protocol is simply effortless and tastes great.

  • ½ cup apple juice ( x 5 = 2.5 cups)
  • 2 TBSP lemon juice ( x 5 = 10 TBSP)
  • 1 TSP freshly juiced ginger root ( x 5 = 5 TSP)
  • ½ TSP sea salt ( x 5 = 2.5 TSP)
  • ½ cup warm water ( cx 5 = 2.5 cups)
  • Quintuple the recipe all at once and you’ll be set for the whole day!

Drink one 8 oz glass on an empty stomach upon rising. Another 8 oz glass before lunch and one during or right after lunch. Two 8 oz glasses between 6 and 7 p.m. Easy peasy – lemon squeezy!

Okanagan Rawsome 5

100% Non-GMO • Soaked & Sprouted Seeds • Dehydrated at Low Temperatures • No Refined Sugars • Low-Glycemic •

Okanagan Rawsome’s mission is to awaken your taste buds with delicious raw, sprouted, gluten free, vegan crisps – now in five fabulous flavours! 

Okanagan Rawsome Beet Crisps

Onion-Herb Beet Crisps

Introducing NEW Onion-Herb Beet Crisps • See how they are made!

Onion-Herb BEET CRISPS are packed with local organic beets, carrots and onions combined with sprouted seeds and a yummy blend of spices.

  • LOCAL Organic Veggies
  • 99% ORGANIC Ingredients

Onion-Herb Beet Crisps are delicious with your favourite cheese, hummus, or pesto. Make an open-faced sandwich using a Beet Crisp as a base!

  • INGREDIENTS: *ground flaxseeds, *carrots, *sprouted buckwheat, *sprouted sunflower seeds, *beets *zucchini, *sprouted lentils, *onions, onion powder, oregano, garlic powder, *sea salt, cumin (*organic)

A source of pure plant energy, these living whole food snacks are low-glycemic, promote weight loss, reduce inflammation. Loaded with organic ingredients and local produce, Okanagan Rawsome is real food that nourishes your body – and soul! 

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Meet the Okanagan Rawsome Farmers

Farming runs in the family at Okanagan Rawsome

Meet Afke Zonderland, Founder Okanagan Rawsome


Spicy Chia-Hemp Carrot Crisps

Spicy Chia-Hemp Carrot Crisps • See how they are made!

Spicy Chia-Hemp CARROT CRISPS are spicy snacks made with locally grown carrots & zucchini, chia, hemp, and sprouted lentils to enhance nutrient bioavailability. The carrots provide a high-source of Vitamin A.

  • LOCAL Organic Veggies
  • 96% ORGANIC Ingredients

Chia-Hemp Carrot Crisps are delicious with your favorite cheese, hummus, and/or a slice of avocado. Make an open faced sandwich using a Carrot Crisp as a base!

  • INGREDIENTS: *carrots, *ground flax seeds, *sprouted buckwheat, *zucchini, *sprouted lentils, hemp hearts, *chia seeds, *sea salt, cumin, cayenne, onion powder, oregano, garlic powder (*organic)

How Carrot Crisps are Made

Flax Sesame Apple Crisps

Flax Sesame Apple Crisps

Flax Sesame Apple Crisps

Flax Sesame APPLE CRISPS  light, flavour-packed zesty treat made with oranges and lemons. We grind whole flax seeds to preserve valuable Omega-3 fats. Dehydration happens at low temperatures, protecting valuable living enzymes!

  • LOCAL Organic Apples
  • 96% ORGANIC Ingredients

Delicious with a seed or nut butter. Visit the recipe section of our website for other suggested pairings and rawsome recipes!

  • INGREDIENTS: *apples, *coconut, *ground flax seeds, *sesame seeds, *dates, hemp hearts, *oranges, *lemon juice, cinnamon, ground ginger, *sea salt (*organic)

How Apple Crisps Are Made

 Okanagan Rawsome Choc-Ginger

Chocolate Ginger Apple Crisps

Chocolate Ginger Apple Crisps

Chocolate Ginger APPLE CRISPS offer dark chocolate-coconut decadence in a delicious mixture of organic Okanagan apples, ginger, sprouted seeds, sprouted buckwheat, and dates. 

  • LOCAL Organic Produce
  • 90% ORGANIC Ingredients

Choc-Ginger Apple Crisps are delicious on their own or with a serving of ice cream made with frozen bananas & vegan chocolate pudding.

  • INGREDIENTS: *apples, *sprouted buckwheat, *ground flax, *dates, *sprouted sunflower seeds, *sprouted pumpkin seeds, ginger slices, dark chocolate (cocao, sugar, non-GMO soya lecithin, vanilla flavour), *coconut, ground ginger, *lemon juice, cinnamon, *sea salt (*organic)
  • Available in convenient single-sized portions.

 Cran Raisin Apple CrispsCranberry Raisin Apple Crisps

Cran-Raisin APPLE CRISPS combine sprouted buckwheat with delicious organic cranberries, raisins, and organic Okanagan apples to create a naturally sweet and filling snack. 

  • LOCAL Organic Apples
  • 99% ORGANIC Ingredients

Crumble a few pieces of Cran-Raisin Apple Crisps onto plain yogurt or sprinkle some on top of your morning cereal to add live enzymes and easy to digest protein to kick start your day!

  • INGREDIENTS: *apples, *sprouted buckwheat, *ground flax, *dates, *sprouted sunflower seeds, *sprouted pumpkin seeds, *raisins, *cranberries, cinnamon, ground ginger, *orange zest, *sea salt (*organic)

Available in convenient single-sized portions.

Serving Suggestions!Okanaga Rawsome Collage 9Okanagan Rawsome Nutrition

Okanagan Rawsome CCA ReviewOkanagan Rawsome is a proud Sponsor of the Canadian Celiac Association’s Classes for the Newly Diagnosed. Details here!

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