The Celiac Scene Presents at the British Columbia Society of Laboratory Scientists Congress

BCSLS - British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science Congress

The Celiac Scene was honoured to speak about ‘Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet’ on behalf of the Canadian Celiac Association at the BCSLS – British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science Congress that took place in Sidney, BC this past weekend. See

Ellen Bayens, The Celiac Scene copy

Ellen Bayens, The Celiac Scene

The BCSLS Annual Congress is the premiere event of the year, bringing together laboratory professionals, educators, and industry representatives from across the province and nationally.

A great turnout and a very receptive audience of laboratory scientists who understood the medical perspective.  It came as no surprise that many had a personal interest in the disease, having been diagnosed themselves or with a family member who had been diagnosed.  Several attendees knew the topic so well that they could have given the talk themselves. A great sharing of information, camaraderie and support.

 The Celiac Scene BCSLS Congress

It was extra special to see that the Congress Organizing Committee had created a gluten-free food section with dishes carefully prepared by Sidney’s Bevan Bistro. Their chef stood by to explain the options and to prevent any cross contact. Gluten-free tarts were provided by none other than Vancouver Island gluten-free, Bake My Day!
gluten free options BCSLSBake My Day Tarts

Special thanks to the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association for so generously furnishing The Celiac Scene with an excellent power point presentation on the disease and the diet.