Country Grocer’s Tips On Enjoying a Gluten-Free, Allergen-Friendly Halloween!

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gluten free halloweenHalloween can be a fun and exciting holiday but families raising children with food allergies need to take extra precautions in order to keep their children safe – and happy. Country Grocer is committed to supporting everyone in celebrating the season at home, at school and in the community! See page 23 of Country Grocer Magazine.

Focus on Fun

  • check out library books / movies that celebrate the history and fun of Hallowe’en
  • visit a ‘Pumpkin Patch,’ carve out and decorate a pumpkin, create a craft, design and make a costume
  • host a party at home with craft-making, spooky music and food that is safe to eat

Plan a Positive Experience

  • pre-purchase safe Hallowe’en candy to replace unsuitable treats
  • talk to your child’s teacher about making celebrations safe and inclusive
  • send ‘safe’ candy along with your child to enjoy during festivities
  • Trick-or-Treat with safe candy in hand
  • let your child know that they cannot eat any treats without you checking the label and approving it first
  • remind your child of the plan – the more days you talk about what’s going to happen, the better

After the House to House

  • together with your child, go through their candy and remove items without allergen disclosures
  • trade unsafe treats for safe treats, money or small toys
  • send safe candies to school with your child for the days following Hallowe’en so they are not tempted by goodies that other children bring
  • stage a Hallowe’en exchange with other families – with adult supervision.
  • give unsuitable candy to charity
  • too much candy? Wrap and freeze to use at parties, for ice cream ‘blizzards’ or to fill summertime piñatas

Visit your local Country Grocer for their selection of allergen-friendly Halloween candy!

gluten free halloween

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