Cruising with Celiac Disease: A Journey of Culinary Comfort

gluten free cruising wpThis article was graciously submitted by Michael, a Celiac Scene follower, who wanted to share his family’s experiences, cruising with Celiac Disease! Be encouraged!

“Embarking on an 18-day cruise from Vancouver to Alaska and onward to Japan aboard the Norwegian Spirit was a dream come true for our family. However, for my son and myself, who both have Celiac disease, it also brought some apprehension about dining safely aboard the ship.”

“When we booked our trip, I made sure to inform the cruise line about our dietary restrictions by completing the online health forms. I received reassuring letters stating that gluten-free accommodations were not a problem and advising us to visit Guest Services upon boarding.”

“On the day of departure, we followed their advice and met with Guest Services who promptly introduced us to a restaurant manager and a dedicated server trained in handling dietary needs. They recommended dining primarily in the main dining room rather than at the buffet for better control over food preparation and cross-contamination.”

“To our delight, at one of our meals, we were presented with menus for the following day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allowing us to pre-order our meals. This advance ordering system ensured that the chefs could prepare custom dishes tailored to our specific dietary requirements. Moreover, we discovered that we could request off-menu items if desired, expanding our dining options even further.”

gluten free cruising 1“Throughout our journey, the kitchen staff and dining team went above and beyond to ensure that every meal was not only safe but also delicious. From smoked salmon on gluten-free bagels at breakfast to specially prepared seafood with sauces for dinner, we never felt limited by our dietary restrictions.The attention to detail and the genuine care shown by the crew made dining onboard a stress-free and enjoyable experience for our entire family.”

“Our experience serves as a testament to the strides being made in accommodating diverse dietary needs in the travel industry. For families like ours, living with Celiac disease, it’s reassuring to know that with proper communication and collaboration, memorable and safe travel experiences are not only possible but readily accessible.”

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