Debunking the Myth of Food Combining

myth food combinationsExpert Tamara Duker Freuman unpacks the persistent myth that how you construct your meals can compromise your ability to digest nutrients. “No matter how blatantly false and unsubstantiated they are, some Internet-driven health myths just refuse to die. Specifically, the myth of “food combining,” purports that the body is unable to digest certain foods if they are eaten in the wrong combination.

For celiacs or the gluten-free seeking relief, intestinal gas – or “farting” in common parlance – doesn’t necessarily mean your digestive system isn’t working well.

Despite what people with a vested interest in selling you digestive enzymes may claim, food does not “rot” in your stomach nor do food combinations affect digestive system pH levels. Your ability to digest and absorb protein is completely independent of what else your body is digesting simultaneously.

In other words, lots of gas is not necessarily a sign of a problem … but it can be the sign of a problem, particularly if it’s accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, a change in bowel patterns, unintentional weight loss or vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

For celiacs who are concerned that the gluten diet may not be ‘enough,’ experts advise that like real estate, ruling out contamination, contamination and contamination is the very best strategy for ruling out gluten as the reason for gas!”

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