Dr Oz Quacking

Is Dr Oz in Wonderland About Overcoming Gluten Sensitivity?

Self-appointed health guru Dr. Oz has spent a lot of time riding the gluten-free wave. Now he promises hope for those who have gone gluten free and miss eating some of their favorite foods.  Too bad so sad? 

He suggests that it is possible to reintroduce gluten into one’s diet without an adverse reaction. Is he playing with gluten-free fire? “Celiac disease is when a person cannot consume gluten at all and it causes a noticeably adverse reaction in the body.” Seriously? Do all celiacs react ‘noticeably?’ Is that the measure of a celiac. Has he heard about the blood test for celiac disease that measures antibodies, not just warm fuzzies?

Oz says that some people may have a milder sensitivity to gluten and recommended a Gluten Elimination Diet as a test to see if a person may be sensitive to gluten. This is a hard diet to follow as it includes totally eliminating many of the foods people love to eat like: wheat, barley, spelt, and oats. Not so hard here on Vancouver Island!

Oz now says it is possible for some people to consume fixed quantities of gluten without the harsh side effects. He suggest we start slow and add a few of the foods we love back into our diet. If we see no adverse reaction, then we can keep eating that food. Could it be this simple? Has Dr Oz seen a doctor lately?

Can this food allergy be maintained with moderation? Many foods are bad for our body in high quantity. Moderation has been advised by most doctors over the years when talking about things like alcohol or even eggs.

So wrong in so many ways! Please share your thoughts!

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