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Gluten Free Grimm's Fine FoodsGrimm’s Fine Foods is Celebrating Celiac Awareness Month! Win a Gift Basket Full of 100% Gluten-Free Goodness!

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  • Open to Canadian residents only.

Gluten Free Grimm'sGrimm’s Fine Foods’ Generous Donation:

  • Yours Naturally Bavarian Smokies 450g
  • Yours Naturally Lean Turkey Pepperoni 375g
  • Original Pepperoni 450g
  • Sizzlin’ Jalapeno & Mozzarella Smokie 600g
  • Original Mini Pep 300g
  • Beef Jerky 100g
  • Cheddar Bavarian Smokies
  • Naturally Fermented Caraway Sauerkraut 500ml
  • Grimm’s Bottle Cooler cover
  • Grimm’s Travel Mug
  • Grimm’s Grilling Apron

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Grimm’s Fine Foods Meats, Fermented Foods and celiac-safe line of Tortillas are 100% gluten free and prepared in a Certified Gluten-Free Facility. Celiacs and the gluten-free can rely upon Grimm’s for their every breakfast, lunch, dinner and any-time snack! Great for entertaining your favorite gluten-free guest! All of their 50+ gluten-, lactose- and soy-free meat products are made in the finest European tradition without  fillers, by-products, artificial flavoring or coloring agents. No added MSG.

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gluten free hamsSliced Beef – Lean and tasty, ideal for sandwiches or appetizer trays. •  All Beef • Homestyle Roast • Montreal Style Smoked •

Whole Beef – Trimmed of excess fats to ensure a leaner, better tasting cut of meat. Available roasted, smoked or seasoned. • Homestyle • Homestyle w/Garlic • Montreal Style • Oven Roasted • Oven Roasted w/Garlic • Pastrami •

Sliced Ham – Lean, naturally smoked and extremely versatile. • Cooked • Black Forest • Honey • Maple • Honey Maple • Old Fashioned •

Whole Ham • Black Forest • Classic • Festive • Honey • Maple • Honey Maple • Old Fashioned •

Meat Loaves – Grimm’s meat loaves are delicately seasoned and baked to a golden brown. Delicious served hot for dinner or thinly sliced in a sandwich. • Bavarian • French Herb •

gluten free pepperoni

Meat Snacks – Grimm’s Beef Jerky is low in fat and made with whole strips of lean beef. A great source of lean protein. Keep refrigerated until ready to eat. • Hot Sweet • Original • Pepper • Teriyaki Beef Jerkys

Fresh Pepperoni – Tasty treats for school lunches, snacks and party platters. Available in four delicious varieties. • Honey • Garlic • Pepperoni • Hot Pepperoni • Turkey Pepperoni •

Protein on the Go – Looking for a tasty and convenient energy boost? Grimm’s offers an  assortment of mini Dried Meat Snacks for ‘portable protein.’ No refrigeration required! • Honey Garlic Peps • Hot Mini Peps • Original Beef • Original Mini peps • Teriyaki Beef Jerky • Teriyaki Turkey Jerky • Toppers Dry Pizza Pepperoni  • Turkey Mini Peps •

gluten free poultry

Sliced Turkey & Chicken – Eating lean doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. Grimm’s offers a wide range of naturally smoked and seasoned turkey and chicken. • Naturally Lean • New Orleans • Seasoned • Smoked •

Whole Turkey – Grimm’s lean turkey products are made with real breast meat, then naturally smoked and seasoned to perfection. • New Orleans • Seasoned • Smoked • Smoked with Honey •

Pork – If you are craving a traditional Italian cold cut, think Capicolli – the perfect lunch meat. • Capicolli • Hot Capicolli • Sausage with Okanakan Apple •

Bacon –  Grimm’s Canadian Back Bacon is extra lean, naturally smoked and conveniently pre-sliced. If you prefer to slice your bacon to preferred thickness, try the flavourful Double Smoked Side Bacon or Canadian Back Bacon Minis. • Canadian Back • Mini • Rounds • Double Smoked Side •

gluten free sausage rings

Grimm’s has made a good thing even better, updating their traditional sausage recipes to meet today’s discerning tastes. • Country Classic Sausage • Double Smoked Ukrainian Sausage • Garlic • Fine Garlic • Ham Garlic • Kolbassa • Monnonite Style • Polish • Signature Trio • Ukrainian •

Sausage Rounds – Fast and easy, these sausages are great anywhere, any time. Cook them quickly for lunch or on the barbecue, or let the flavours simmer slowly in a soup or casserole. • Farmer • Turkey •

Sliced Sausage – Perfect for (gluten-free) submarine sandwiches, garnishing a pizza, or  the perfect party platter, Grimm’s sausages are a crowd pleaser. • Beer (does not contain beer) • Ham w/Garlic • Kolbasa Loaf • Pizza Ham & pack • Pizza Slalami • Salami • Spiced Ham • Submarine • The Entertainer •

Whole Sausages – Grimm’s sausages contain the finest quality seasonings and absolutely no fillers. • Beer (does not contain beer) • Ham w/Garlic  •Lyona  • Pizza Pepperoni • Pizza Pepperoni • Pizza Salami • Summer •

gluten free smokies

Smokies – Made with the finest pork and beef, Grimm’s Bavarian Smokies are naturally smoked and seasoned with bacon, jalapeno and cheddar. • Bacon & Cheddar • Cheddar • Honey & Garlic Yours Naturally • Jalapeño Cheddar • Original • Original Yours Naturally •

Sizzling Smokies – A summer staple – nothing beats a Grimm’s Sizzlin’ Smokie grilled to mouth-watering perfection.  • All Beef • Cheddar • Cheddar with Bacon • Jalapeno & Mozzarella • Original Smokies • Variety Pack •

European Wieners – Loved by all. Fire up everyone’s appetite with Grimm’s European Wieners. • Regular • Natural •

Gluten Free Tortillas

Gluten-Free Tortillas Extremely versatile for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Choose from rice, brown rice and corn tortillas. (Read labels carefully. Grimm’s also produces ‘gluten’ tortillas)

I recently purchased your gluten free tortillas, how do I heat them? “Our gluten free tortillas are made with rice flour, which are not as pliable as those made with wheat.  We find that our gluten free tortillas work best when heated.  This can be done by wrapping the tortillas in paper towel and heating in the microwave for 10-15 second per tortilla.”

gluten free fermented foodsFermented Foods • Kimchi • Original & Spicy Pickles • Caraway & Curry Sauerkraut

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