Art of Slow Food

September 26, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Moss Street Market
1330 Fairfield Rd
Victoria, BC V8S 5J1
Kaitlin Chamberlin


Find the Art of Slow Food at the Moss Street Market in Victoria every Saturday, rain or shine!

May through October – outdoors at 1330 Fairfield Road – 10am to 2pm
November through April – indoors at 1335 Thurlow St in the Garry Oak Room – 10am to 1:pm
Learn more about Moss Street Market here.

2021 – June-July-August – Find The Art of Slow Food at Sidney’s Street Market – Thursday evenings, 5:30 to 8:30. Learn more here.

To order in advance of Saturday market day – contact Kaitlin by Thursday.

Reach Kaitlin by phone or email with questions, custom orders or dietary information. Most dietary needs can be met. Product inquiries always welcome. Contact form[email protected] • 902.476.7732


The Art of Slow Food delivers fresh loaves to the following Victoria retailers around noon every Tuesdays & Fridays. Hurry in – they go fast!

Tuesday & Friday Deliveries
Deep Cove Market (North Saanich)
• For Good Measure (Cadboro Bay)
• The Local General Store (Fernwood)
• Old Farm Market (Oak Bay)
Pepper’s Foods (Cadboro Bay)

Friday Deliveries
Lifestyle Markets (Douglas Street)
Lifestyle Markets (Sidney)
Lifestyle Markets (Cook Street)
• Beauregard Cafe & Provisions (Brentwood Bay)
• Niagara Market (James Bay)
• Imagine Studio Cafe (James Bay) closed during COVID

HOME DELIVERY available for 4 or more loaves for Friday delivery. Order during the day on Thursday by email at • [email protected] • or text 902.476.7732.

NEW! Morning People Food Truck in Cook Street Village now offers an ‘Art of Slow Food’ Sourdough option. (Risk of contact with gluten in their food truck setting is present . Celiacs should proceed with caution.)

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art of slow food sourdough wpThe Art of Slow Food is a philosophy – old world traditions revived for a better lifestyle. Artisan gluten-free sourdough, wild fermented veggies, bone broth and a happy belly.

Owner, Kaitlin Chamberlin, uses local organic ingredients and traditional methods of food preparation to make unique, delicious creations that nourish your body. Using minimal equipment and prepping in small batches, they  offer colorful and delicious food that is local, sustainable and accessible.

The Art of Slow Food caters to dietary limitations of all kinds, providing food that isn’t complicated or unpronounceable.

Art of Slow Foods in Nova Scotia! Tell your friends!

• Halifax Brewery Market – Saturdays Year Round 8am to 1pm
• Halifax Seaport Market – Saturdays and Sundays
• Wolfville Farmer’s Market – Wednesday evenings

Deliveries are made to the following retailers on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:

• Finsbury Market (6516 Chebucto Rd, Halifax)
• Luminate Co. (486 Starboard Dr, Bedford)
• Neighbourhood Goods General Store (1946 Lower Water St, Halifax)
• The Warehouse Market (2867 Isleville St, Halifax)
• The Wild Leek (2156 Windsor St, Halifax)

About the Sourdough

This is extra-special gluten free bread: fresh baked, rustic, soft, chewy and easily digestible sourdough! Using natural wild levain and a base of psyllium husk, flax and water, the dough is fermented for 12-18 hours to allow phytic acid breakdown and real flavor development. The bread is then baked on a stone to create rustic loaves with appealing crust.

The Art of Slow Food  does not use common gluten-free ingredients such as xanthan gum, agar agar, potato starch, rice flour or other high-starch ingredients. The bread is made with only 7 simple, organic ingredients, in order of predominance: Spring water, psyllium husk, ground flax, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, natural levain (wild yeast) and sea salt.

As a result of slow fermentation, the carbohydrates and starches in the bread are broken down, creating a light, soft digestible bread. The psyllium husk and ground flax act as a digestive aid and provide a soft, chewy texture without gluten or added starches.

Sourdough selection includes Toasted Sesame, Plain, Kalamata Olive, Rosemary Poppyseed and on occasion, Cranberry Walnut!

art of slow food ferments wpAbout the Ferments

Their sauerkraut is made the traditional way – fermented for a minimum of 3 weeks in traditional German crocks and never pasteurized. Enjoy a number of varieties that are versatile and go well with any meal – sandwiches, salads, stir fries, soups, eggs or sausages. Sauerkraut is a highly probiotic food, and is best used to accompany meals to aid in digestion.

Sauerkraut selection includes Dilly Kraut, Cortido Kraut and Chimichurri Kraut.

About the Baker / Fermentor / Creator 

Kaitlin is a whole foods chef and baker and has been fermenting for 7 years. She works exclusively with artisan-style traditional foods, using local and organic ingredients to create simple, accessible nourishment. She strives to teach sustainability and self-sufficiency through the art of slow food. Kaitlin has extensive experience working with dietary restrictions and nutritional deficiencies and will work with any specifications by request.

kaitlin chamberlin art of slow food

Kaitlin Chamberlin


Learn the ancient tradition of preserving foods and maximizing nutrition with simple tools and local foods. Bring your own jar and take home a ferment. Learn more here.