Celiac Scene Celebrities

January 16, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm America/Vancouver Timezone
Gluten Free Expo
999 Canada Pl
Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1
Ages 11+ $12/$20/$49

 gluten free expoThe premier gluten-free event in Canada is taking place this weekend in Vancouver! Your chance to sample, shop and learn from more than 150 exhibitors and speakers! Best of all, Celiac Scene Celebrities will be there. These are the folks who support the resource that we rely upon for up-to-the minute information on gluten-free living in Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. If you plan to take the Big Boat over to the Big Smoke, be sure to stop by and say hello to ‘our’ heroes!  Tickets still available.

Proud Sponsors – Canadian Celiac Association – Gluten-Free Living Classes at Thrifty Foods

  • 310  Glutenull Bakery
  • 312  USANA Health Sciences, Nancy Crites
  • 318  Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery
  • 403  Screamin Brothers Dairy-Free Frozen Desserts
  • 503  Cascadia Gluten Free Foods
  • 601  Corn Thins
  • 615  O’Doughs – Too Good to Be Gluten Free
  • 616 & 618 Wendel’s True Foods
  • 700  Giddy Yoyo Chocolate & Superfoods
  • 804  Gramma Dee’s Gourmet Cheese Snacks
  • 905  Bard’s Beer by Bravo Beer Company

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gluten free beer

Booth 905

Bard’s Beer, presented by Bravo Beer Company –  The first gluten-free beer made from sorghum and the only beer brewed with 100% malted sorghum. Beer sommeliers describe Bard’s as “medium clear amber gold colour with moderate head; aromas of roasted malt, toasted grains with sweet fruit notes; off-dry, medium bodied, with balanced hops, flavours of apple, caramel and sweet [gluten-free] grain.” Celiacs call it delicious! Details…  

Cascadia Gluten-Free Granola

Booth 503

Cascadia Gluten-Free Foods  Delicious, gluten-free, oat-free granola and bars made with premium ingredients. A business borne out of necessity in Vancouver, BC, the granola and bars were a solution to breakfast and snacks when creator Pamela Baxter’s daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. Enjoy granola with peanuts, nut-free granola, granola bars and nut-free bars. Details … CCA Review below. 

gluten free granola

Booth 318

Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery At last! Create your own nutritious, delicious granola combinations with their gluten-free mix of puffed quinoa, golden flax seed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and oats as your starting point! Make quick, gluten-free granola bars for when you’re on the go, breakfast granola, desserts to protein smoothies. Details …

Real Foods Corn Thins

Booth 601

Real Foods Corn Thins contain the great taste of golden sun-ripened corn, popped at high heat for maximum crunch and flavor. Decidedly non-GMO and certainly gluten free,  there is so much more than corn to this very versatile Australian brand: • Sorghum • Brown Rice • Buckwheat • Flax • Millet • Sesame • Sea Salt • Sunflower Oil. A fabulous sandwich substitute. Details …

Giddy Yoyo

Booth 700

Giddy Yoyo Chocolates & Superfoods  creates the highest quality most nutrient dense foods available; nourished by mineral-rich soil, fresh water and grown in healthy remote environments. Our products are untouched by genetically modified organisms, the practice of hybridization, and chemical solvents and metals regularly used in the practice of bringing foods to market. Details … CCA Review below.

Glutenull Baking

Booth 310

Glutenull Bakery is a dedicated gluten-free bakery business in Coquitlam, British Columbia.  Otari and his family started their business in 2011. Their products are verified non-GMO, vegan, as well as dairy and yeast-free. The sweets have natural sweeteners and are low in sugar content. The yeast-free breads are low in starch. With a celiac in our family, it’s a relief to find that Glutenull’s products are Certified Gluten-FreeDetails …

Gramma Dee's Gourmet Snacks

Booth 804

Gramma Dee’s Gourmet Snacks – A cheese bread like you have never enjoyed before. Think cream puffs filled with cheese. A delicate, crispy crust breaks open to a fluffy center with four kinds of cheese ready to melt in your mouth. So versatile and delicious, you’ll find a reason to enjoy them with meals, as snacks or entertaining.  Gramma Dee makes them – you bake them! Details …

Read the The Celiac Scene’s Roving Reporter’s Review:

“These cheese buns restored my faith in gluten-free humanity. A chewy and delicious four-cheese indulgence, they are everything the package touts them to be and more. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, and a baking time of only 20 minutes perfectly suits my impatient appetite. Plus, you can feel good about eating them because they are made in Canada, and without GMOs, additives, or preservatives. Gramma Dee’s Cheese Bread is available in three different but equally awesome flavours: traditional, garlic, and bacon (pig free, of course). I will definitely be breaking these winners out the next time I host – maybe I’ll even try the mini-sandwiches idea the package suggests, if I can refrain from eating them all first! “


Booth 615

O’Dough’s – Too Good to Be Gluten Free! Healthful, high quality, soft, gluten-free  savory breads, buns, pizza crusts, and absolutely delicious sweet cakes. Not only do O’Dough’s products taste great, they are made with wholesome, nutritious ingredients – from their family to yours.  Details …

Screamin Brothers

Booth 403

Screamin Brothers Dairy-Free Frozen Treats
 We owe it all to Dawson and his food sensitivities! Screamin Brother JR may be tall, and little brothers Joseph and David cute, but if you have gluten-intolerance and/or an allergies to milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, sulphites, sesame seeds, seafood and mustard, these dairy-free frozen treats, Dawson deserves all of our thanks! Details …

USANA Manufactured Supplements by Nancy Crites

Booth 312

USANA by Nancy Crites In September of 2015,  The Celiac Scene was approached by Nancy Crites with news that USANA Health Sciences, Inc. nutritional products were now ‘gluten-free.’ “I am wanting to let your community know that USANA Health Sciences manufactures pharmaceutical grade supplements that are gluten free. These products are rated #1 in the world and set the standard for GMP.” Details …

Wendel's 300 x 250

Booth 217 & 219

Wendel’s True Foods believe that, “Life can be complicated, food shouldn’t be.” Famous in the gluten-free community – and beyond – for their sumptuous line of fine squares, pies, cheesecakes and more, their newly-launched line of Cake, Muffin, Pancake and All Purpose mixes will make you a Master Baker! Details …

Product Reviews by the Victoria Chapter, Canadian Celiac Association 
Cascadia Review
giddy yoyo CCA Review

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