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Gluten-Free Giddy Yoyo ‘Chocolate Challenge’

February 7, 2016 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm America/Vancouver Timezone
Community Farm Store
5380 Trans-Canada Highway
Duncan, BC V9L 6W4
Gluten Free Giddy Yoyo Ambassador

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It’s Customer Appreciation Day at Community Farm Store in Duncan! Meet Blythe, Giddy Yoyo Blogger and Ambassador and take her tour of Super Foods and Super Chocolate!

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More About Giddy Yoyo

Giddy YoyoAnyone who undertakes to create gluten-free baking knows that beyond taste, cocoa powder doubles as a most magical gluten-free flour. You would never know the difference, except of course for the delicious chocolate explosion that happens when you take your first bite! All the more reason to choose a quality cocao powder – from a Canadian manufacturer – Giddy Yoyo (GY)

Based out of Orangeville, ON, most of you may already know this gluten, soy, dairy, and GMO free brand for their comprehensive selection of raw, vegan, certified organic chocolates. GY uses only Wild Ecuadorian Heirloom Arriba Nacional CACAO and commits to compensating workers with ‘above-fair-trade’ wages.

Did you know?

  • Whole seeds from ripe cacao pods that are fermented,  sun-dried and not roasted become Cacao Beans
  • Cacao beans that have had their skins removed and then crushed become Cacao Nibs
  • When cacao nibs are stone ground (without supplemental heat) into a smooth liquid state, they become Cocao Paste
  • The naturally occurring oil that is mechanically pressed during this process is known as Cacao Butter
  • When cocao paste is ground, it becomes Cacao Powder

gluten free fudgey brownies

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“GY selects only fully mature ripe pods by hand from mature trees (which are a minimum of 30 years old, and some as old as 80 years) grown in mineral rich volcanic high elevation soil. These trees are never irrigated from potentially contaminated rivers and streams as the water source is from rain, the tree’s deep root structure and pure mountain springs. We also work directly with those who supply the raw cacao pods (aka Direct Trade) and eagerly compensate above ‘Fair Trade’ standards. GY cacao is not roasted, remaining raw from start to finish.”

Four ingredient flourless brownies

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“GY Cocao Powder has a deep, intense, raw chocolate flavor.  Processed in GY’s own, state-of-the-art facility in Ecuador on custom artisan equipment that has never seen any other cacao, guaranteeing no possible cross contamination with allergens or integration with low quality hybrid cacao that is pervasive in the area. Cacao beans are hand selected, fermented for approx. 3-4 days, sun-dried to perfection, crushed and then ‘winnowed’ (the skins removed utilizing powerful fans). All residual cacao skins and other imperfections are removed by hand, and the remaining nibs are ground in a granite melange and naturally liquefy.  The liquefied cacao mass is transferred to a mechanical press where the cacao butter is removed.  The remaining mass is ground into a powder and packaged for your enjoyment.”

gluten free double chocolate muffins

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Purchase GY cacao powder from your favorite retailer or save time (and money): shop online!

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