gluten free contest big wheel burger

Gluten-Free Contest Ends

March 14, 2017 @ 12:15 am – 5:00 pm America/Vancouver Timezone
Big Wheel Burger!
The Celiac Scene

Win a $25 Gluten-Free Gift Certificate
Big Wheel Burger T-Shirt  • Big Wheel Burger Hat 


Winner Announced on The Celiac Scene 5pm, Tuesday March 14th, 2017

gluten free contest big wheel burger

Big Wheel BurgerThe only thing better than a Big Wheel Burger is two Big Wheel Burgers! 
Lucky for Victoria – Big Wheel Burger has two locations to serve us! Delicious! Real! Fast Food! And celiac-safe french fries!

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Big Wheel Burger #1 in Cook Street Village is right next door to the iconic Lifestyle Markets,  enjoys a solid reputation with gluten-free diners for their dedicated deep-fryer, yummy gluten-free buns and their careful protocol! See map.

Big Wheel Burger #2 is nestled next to Starbucks in Gateway Village, kitty corner from Uptown Mall. Gluten-Free folks from the far north of Victoria, or direct from the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal can easily  make this go-to gluten-free dining destination. (If you pass Whole Foods on the right, you’ve gone too far!) Pop in and check out this beautiful new restaurant.

Gluten-free deep fryers, dedicated prep station and staff who make themselves fully accountable for how they prepare your meal. When things are busy – and they often are – Big Wheel assigns one person to be the ‘Designated, Dedicated Gluten-Free Chef ‘ for that shift!

  • Just three gluten items to avoid at Big Wheel : deep fried pickles, regular buns and cookies 
  • Celiacs – always identify your needs when placing your order
  • GF Kids Meals – ask that the gluten cookie be left out of the order

Big Wheel Burger

Big Wheel Burger Bling
Big Wheel Burger Bling

Big Wheel Burger Menu

Big Wheel Burger Menu – Click for details

Big Wheel Burger was founded on the idea that FAST food didn’t have to mean JUNK food. This goes for all aspects of the business, from what we serve our customers, to how we run our shops and how we impact the environment and local communities. By taking responsibility for our impact and choices, we strive to offer a classic burger joint experience that doesn’t harm the world or our customers and sets an example for other businesses to follow.

Check out Big Wheel Burger’s sustainability initiatives