Get Set for a Digestive Health Makeover!

Grimm’s Naturally Fermented Foods are filled with probiotic bacteria
that promote good gut flora and contribute to overall digestive health.*


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What are naturally fermented foods?

  • Naturally fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, pickles and kimchi have been around for ages.
  • Traditionally, lacto- fermentation was used as a way to preserve food before the days of refrigeration.
  • Only recently have come to understand the health benefits associated with these naturally fermented foods.

grimms-spicy-pickles Why are naturally fermented foods good for celiacs?

  • It is believed that eighty-percent of our immune system is in our gut.
  • The immune system deals with aging, infection, general health and disease.
  • Naturally fermented foods using lactobacillus are filled with probiotic bacteria that promote good gut flora and contribute to good overall digestive health.

grimms-caraway-sauerkraut What are the benefits for celiacs of consuming fermented foods?

  • Promote the growth of friendly bacteria in your intestine
  • Aids in digestion
  • Provide you with an excellent source of vitamins B6, B12 and K2, as well as dietary fibre
  • Help with absorption of enzymes and minerals that are vital to a healthy diet

Grimm's Curry Sauerkraut What is natural fermentation?

  • Most pickles and sauerkraut you find on grocery store shelves have been processed using vinegar and calcium chloride.
  • The food is cooked under extreme heat and pasteurized, killing off any friendly bacteria and losing its nutritional value.

What fermentation process does Grimm’s Fine Foods use?

  • Lacto-fermentation.  Lactobacillus bacteria go to work on the sugars present in the food, and convert them to lactic acid.
  • This process acts a natural preservative, stopping harmful bacteria from multiplying, allowing beneficial probiotic bacteria to thrive.
  • It also makes the pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi taste delicious!

grimms-black-garlic-kimcheeWhy should you keep naturally fermented foods in the refrigerator?

  • Grimm’s Naturally Fermented Foods use traditional methods, and so contain live cultures.
  • This not only means that they taste great and are healthy for your gut, but also that the fermentation process is still happening.
  • Storing them in a refrigerator slows this process, making sure they retain the flavour that Grimm’s is famous for.

*Experts explore how probiotic bacteria can promote good gut flora, contribute to overall digestive health and may event prevent digestive diseases.

Grimm’s Naturally Fermented Foods

Grimm's Gluten-Free Naturally Fermented foods

Grimm’s Naturally Fermented foods are not only delicious; they are extremely beneficial to your digestive and overall health. Read more …

All of Grimm’s meat products are gluten-free, soy-free and made without added MSG. A huge selection of their products are also lactose-free. Grimm’s gluten-free tortillas are endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association!

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“Grimm’s Fine Foods has been a trusted family favourite for over 60 years. We’re passionate about eating smart, and only use the freshest ingredients and leanest cuts. We guarantee that our products contain absolutely no fillers. We also try to make our products as low in salt and fat as possible.”

Grimm’s offers such a wide variety of meats, cheeses, tortillas, wraps and snacks, the recipe options are endless.

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Be Dazzled by Grimm’s Enormous Selection of Celiac-Safe Foods

Grimm’s Deli Counter

Grimm's Gluten-Free Deli Counter

For many, putting your order in at the deli counter is timeless tradition at the grocery store. Grimm’s has been part of this tradition since 1951. Read more …

Grimm’s Ham & Bacon

Grimm's Gluten-Free Ham & Bacon

Grimm’s Ham & Bacon selections are prepared with exceptional care and traditional methods. Read more …

Grimm’s Pepperoni & Meat Snacks

gluten free grimms Pepperoni & Meat Snacks Pepperoni & Meat Snacks

Grimm’s Pepperoni and Meat Snacks are a high protein choice with absolutely no fuss; a quick and easy way to get protein no matter how busy your schedule. Read more …

Grimm’s Sausages

 Gluten Free Grimms Sausages

Sausage is where our roots lay, we’re proud to let our heritage shine through and offer today’s consumer a taste of our old world beginnings. Read more …

Grimm’s Sliced Meats

Gluten Free Grimms Sliced Meats

Grimm’s Sliced Meats are a convenient way to add protein to school lunches, quick meals and appetizer trays when entertaining. Read more …

Grimm’s Gluten-Free Tortillas & Wraps

Gluten Free Grimms Tortillas Wraps

Our gluten free tortillas are endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association and can be used along with our Grimm’s meat products for a completely gluten free meal. Read more …

  • Grimm’s gluten- free tortillas are made with rice flour, which are not as pliable as those made with wheat.  Gluten-free tortillas work best when heated.  Grimm’s recommends wrapping the tortillas in paper towel and heating in the microwave for 10-15 second per tortilla.