Alberta’s Freddy’s Flippin’ Gluten-Free Donut Truck Makes the News!

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Gazebo Park (4827 50 Ave) Alberta Beach on the shore of  Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta (See map)
Open Fri-Sat-Sun during summer months

(780) 394-3132

Freddy’s Flippin’ Donut truck was born in the summer of 2020,  serving  your typical donuts and mini-donuts – made with gluten – along with ‘gluten-friendly options.’

Co-owner Alexandra became increasingly aware of her reactions to gluten. Given that her mother Val was a diagnosed celiac, Alex concluded that she very likely had celiac disease as well. She has been living gluten free, very happily,  for years.

Out of her own health imperative and in consideration of their gluten-free customers, Alexandra and her husband / partner Patrick decided to rehaul the food truck – and their recipes – and make them all 100% gluten free.

  •  “I take my hat off to my wife. She has put a lot of time in the kitchen perfecting gluten-free recipes from scratch. Trust me when I say, the donuts are better than ever!”
Freddy's Flippin' Donuts Alex & Son

Hats off to Alexandra & Son

By the summer of 2021, the transition was complete. Flippin’ Freddy’s menu became  (very quietly) 100% gluten free.

‘Regular’ customers assumed that the  ‘gluten-free options’ were only for those who needed it. They did not realize that the food that they were thoroughly enjoying was gluten free, too!

‘Informed’ customers triple checked before they could believe that the menu was 100% ‘celiac-safe.’ Everyone was happy!

Given their success, Alexandra and Patrick decided to make the leap and ‘go big’ with GF publicity!

This summer,  they rebranded their business and announced, far and wide over social media and in on-site signage, that their donuts, ice cream, frozen yogurt and entire food truck were 100% gluten-free.

The response has been amazing.

  • “Customers are driving hours for a fix of one of the most coveted gluten-free foods! It’s been a fun and exciting couple years since we transitioned the truck!” 

Ask about Freddy’s sideline of ‘Gluten-Free Treats,’ available by order in the off season: (780) 394-3132 or

Freddy's Flippin Donuts Menu

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