Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Benjamin’s Bites

Benjamin Bites are the go-to cookie for everyone who loves a delicious treat – and anyone who needs to eat gluten-free or allergy-free (no eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds or sulphites.) Better yet – one Benjamin’s Bites cookie (25 gr) contains only 110 calories. Their Brownies (23 gr) clock in at just 100! 

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Benjamin's Bites

Debbie Esposito was determined create a cookie that her food-sensitive toddler Benjamin could enjoy. Many batches of cookies later, Benjamin’s Bites was born!


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It’s not the first time Victoria’s ‘MomPreneur’ has been the focus of media attention! Benjamin’s Bites was ‘chosen’ as a BC brand worthy of Thrifty Foods support! See videos here and here!

Thrifty Foods Picks Benjamin's Bites

  • Debbie discovered her son, Benjamin, had multiple food allergies so she started making him his own cookies.
  • Benjamin’s Bites contain no gluten, eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds or sulphites.
  • She doesn’t have a background in baking, but her mom is an amazing cook, so it came naturally (there was more than one dessert at their house at all times).
  • Her cookies were a huge hit at playgroups, so she decided to sell them. She’s now in her third year of business.
  • At the moment, Debbie is a one-woman show but hopes to grow the company in the future!
  • When Debbie picks Benjamin up from school, she usually has a little cookie for him in her pocket!
  • Benjamin prefers to eat his cookies a little cool, but still enjoys them hot out of the oven as well.
  • The best compliment she has received is “Oh my goodness, they taste normal”. Her goal was to create an allergen-free cookie that tastes like the ones her mom used to make.
  • Debbie’s first job was a childhood educator – for almost 26 years!
  • She was born and raised in Victoria, BC.
  • If she could take a visitor to BC anywhere, she’d take them somewhere that shows off Victoria’s greenery, like Beacon Hill or Goldstream Park.
  • She’s a vegetarian but eats fish once in a while (she is from the coast after all!)
  • As well as baking, Debbie loves to cook. Benjamin’s favourite is the Chickpea Daal she makes.
  • After a hard day at work, she likes to hang out with her family – go for walks, to the library, or swimming!
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    Thrifty Foods and Benjamin’s Bites are Proud Sponsors of the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten-Free Living Classes in Victoria, British Columbia

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