Fall in Love – Gluten-Free Cakes by Real Food Made Easy!

Gluten-Free Cakes Real Food Made EasyFrom the moment I laid eyes upon Janice Mansfield’s gluten-free cake gallery on RealFoodMadeEasy.ca I was in love!

I’d been waiting for an opportunity to commission one of these sumptuous gluten-free beauties and my daughter and her fiancé finally gave me the reason I needed!

I leapt at the opportunity to commission the gorgeous gluten-free ‘Engagement Cake’ below. Impossibly thick, rich layers of chocolate cake were smothered with huge butter cream swirls, tinted with reduced raspberry. Guests – all gluten-eaters but me – fairly swooned with each mouthful!

Gluten free cakegluten free cake

Behold the infinite variations that Janice is able to create in her dedicated gluten-free kitchen below. And lest you think that Janice only does deliciously sweet and creamy, Real Food Made Easy is Victoria’s first and only Gluten-Free Catering Service.

Explains Janice,

  • We do small batch gluten-free baking and customized recipe development for customers with specific dietary needs. (think gluten-free+)
  • We provide small-scale wholesale gluten-free baking to eateries and coffee shops in Victoria, B.C.
  • We make gluten-free cakes for all your special occasions and celebrations – from birthdays, to anniversaries, or just because you deserve a cake!
  • We make gluten-free wedding cakes for brides with food sensitivities.
  • We also provide bespoke catering services for your small and mid sized special events.  I work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind menu featuring some of the best ingredients our West Coast farmers and fishers have to offer!
  • We operate a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, using ingredients that are certified gluten-free.
  • I provide one-on-one Cooking classes, pantry makeovers and gluten-free baking classes on request.
  • Cooking classes and pantry makeovers are tailored towards helping you shift your own shopping & cooking routines if you or a family member need to adopt a significant dietary change.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Janice to discuss your needs and have a price quote prepared!

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