Gluten-Free Cookie Maker Jailed For Just Cause!

Benjamin’s Bites Making a Difference

Anyone who knows Debbie Esposito knows her commitment to baking a cookie that her food sensitive toddler could enjoy. Many batches of cookies later, Benjamin’s Bites‘ was  borne, free of top allergens:  gluten, eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds or sulphites. Benjamin’s has become the go-to cookie of choice for anyone with sensitivities who loves a delicious treat and they are the Proud Sponsor of the Canadian Celiac Association’s New Member Classes! Available in Sunbutter, Chocolate Chip and Double Dark Chocolate, Benjamin’s Bites are available at retailers everywhere.

Why would the maker of a certified gluten-free cookie find herself in jail?

Benjamin's Bites

Debbie is joining a group of prominent Oak Bay residents in supporting 34 students embarking on a journey that will change their lives as well as those they encounter. In the spring of 2016,  the students will be traveling to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico to help construct a pair of pre-fab two-bedroom homes to replace shacks made of wood pallets, tarps and cardboard, where as many seven people live in a single room.  Debbie is prepared to do some ‘time’  behind bars to make this dream come true!

Oak Bay News

Dan Ebenal – Oak Bay News explains, “The jail and bail event will see more than 40 local ‘inmates’ rounded up and carted off to a makeshift prison in the Bay Centre. The volunteer inmates will work to pre-raise their bail amounts before doing hard time – two hours behind bars in the Bay Centre while wearing prisoner garb.

“They’ll make some phone calls and friends will come down and make fun of them. What happens a lot of time is people will come down and pay money to keep them in a little longer,” said Garraway. The jail and bail event will be held Saturday, May 2 in the Bay Centre courtyard from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Trust a cookie magnate to try and bribe her way out of jail!Benjamin's Bites 2

Donations made toward Benjamin’s Bites name will be entered in a draw to win toward release entering into a draw to win one of six take and go cookie packs. Retail value $9.00 each. See pictures attached. If you can’t make it to the jailhouse to witness this spectacle in person, you are invited to support this admirable cause with a donation directly to:

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