Experience the Difference at Deep Cove Market!

Deep Cove Market 6‘The Little Country Grocer That Could’ keeps on sourcing the special gluten-free products that celiacs love!

Supporting both local manufacturers and the brands not available at Big Box Stores, Deep Cove Market is a study in caring about the community it serves.

Deep Cove MarketAs you enter through their breezy verandahs, Deep Cove’s informal gluten-free department is the first thing to greet you.

Deep Cove Market, Sidney BC

Rosemary & Joanne

Celebrating 11 years in business, co-owners and sisters Rosemary and Joanne  have honed in on what their customers want.

From ‘help-yourself’ fresh gluten-free baking to one-of-a-kind curiosities, you’ll be amazed at the selection of  gluten-free products you did not even know existed.

As a regular one-stop shop (fresh vegetables, local meats, dime-store treats) or a tourist destination for visiting gluten-free guests, Deep Cove offers Vancouver Island something truly unique – and with a real heart for neighborhood.

Scroll through ‘the aisles’ below and behold the care and attention given to our needs – and desires. Learn more here!

10940 West Saanich Road, Sidney • Open 8-8 Seven days a week • 250-656-2547 •

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