Making Your Gluten-Free Diet Stick!


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Jodi Holland is a meal planning pro and an expert on nutrition for families and individuals. From prenatal nutrition to picky eaters to sports nutrition or a specific health condition like Celiac Disease, she can provide you with simple strategies and practical tips to achieve health and balance.

Is change on your menu for 2017? 

“The beginning of a new year is always a fresh start for me. This is when I do my “spring cleaning”, de-clutter and set my goals for the untouched year ahead. For many people this is the time for resolutions and embarking on new strategies to achieve their wellness goals.

We know that once habits are developed they tend to work automatically as they have become a part of our life. But what are the best strategies for developing new habits? Whether you’re looking to add more vegetables to your gluten-free diet, or make activity a regular part of your life, consider these tips to help your goals stick.

gluten free diet 2017Have a plan. Identify what your goals are and break them down into manageable pieces. Ask yourself what you can realistically do to achieve your goal. When are you going to do it? Start with one small change and master it. Each small goal you achieve builds upon the others and can motivate you to keep going.

Consider what works for you. There are many ways to achieve wellness but not all of these strategies will fit your life. Customize your goals to what is important and achievable for you

Give yourself permission to be human. Change is about making progress and it’s not always perfect. It’s about what we do most of the time.

Change your environment. Want to eat more fruits and vegetables? Have a fruit bowl on the counter and cut-up veggies at eye-level in the fridge. Want to exercise in the morning? Put your work-out gear beside your bed. Make your goal the easy choice.

Don’t go it alone. Habits can take a long time to form so seek support. Collect great gluten-free recipes from others to make your meal planning a breeze. Find a walking buddy to help get you outside during your lunch hour. Or connect with a Registered Dietitian to help keep you on track with your nutrition goals.

Every day is a new opportunity to work towards your goals. Consider what works well, what doesn’t and what you can do differently. Tomorrow is another fresh start.”

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