Gluten-Free Receive Royal Treatment at Thrifty Foods

gluten free store tourAs if a Gluten-Free, Holiday Baking and Goodie Tour was not tempting enough – Thrifty Foods’ made it a Tasting Tour, too!  A wonderfully welcoming initiative of the Vitamins and More Department at James Bay Thrifty Foods, attendees were treated like royalty, much to the envy of ‘regular’ shoppers!

The tour began in the cozy Vitamin Department, tucked in between Bakery and Produce,  then wound it’s way through the well-appointed aisles of this busy Victoria grocery store. Shannon lead the way, highlighting the many gluten-free products that Thrifty Foods is proud to carry. Supported by Robyn, Registered Dietitian (in Training), on loan from Central Saanich Thrifty Foods,  Aly and Wade were ever-ready to provide us with products to sample. And then the tasting began in earnest!

Any notion that the gluten-free diet might be a restrictive one was laid to rest during second half of this sensory extravaganza! Attendees were treated to a non-stop parade of carefully prepared samples of the very best in gluten-free baking, washed down with gluten-free eggnog! For ‘dessert’ we each received a handmade gluten-free chocolate, a Wendel’s Chocolate Dipped Pecan Tart, a sheaf of information, recipes and of course, Thrifty Foods Gluten-Free Grocery List! Christmas certainly came early to James Bay!

Thrifty Foods would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following brands:

Benjamin’s Bites • Camino Chocolate Chips • Coconut Bliss • Corn Thins • Glutenull • Good Bean • Hard Bites • Hippie Foods • Kinnikinnick • Let’s Do Organic • Nut Thins • Okanagan Rawsome • Organika Instant Quinoa • Prana Chia Seeds • Prairie Naturals Coconut Chips • Raw Cru  • So Delicious • Wendel’s True Foods • Vega Protein Powder • WOW Baking

The Celiac Scene would like to salute the hard work that went into executing this outstanding event.  A round of applause goes to James Bay Vitamins & More Manager, Diane and her Team – Shannon, Meghan, Aly and Wade. The Celiac Scene would like to add its thanks to Registered Dietitians, Jodi Holland and Jessalyn O’Donnell and everyone at Thrifty Foods for their enduring support of the celiac and gluten-free community.

Enjoy the pictorial below and click on images to be taken to additional information i.e. the recipe for the Handmade Chocolate Recipe! Stay tuned to Thrifty Foods’ Events taking place at a location near you on Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver.

gluten free store tour 2


gluten free store tour 3

A gluten-free crowd gathers

gluten free store tour 4

Shannon welcomes attendees

gluten free store tour 5

Shares GF product lists

gluten free store tour 6

Introducing Robyn, RD(T)

gluten free store tour 8

Gluten-free pace car(t)!

 gluten free store tour 9

Tour begins

gluten free store tour 9

Sharing info on sugars

gluten free store tour 10


gluten free store tour 10


gluten free store tour 12

and sweets!

gluten free store tour 13

Aly gets ready

gluten free tour 14

to serve samples!

gluten free tasting 1


gluten free tasting 2

from Mapleridge

gluten free tasting 3

Crunchy Coleslaw

gluten free tasting 4

Roots Medley

Nut thins

Nut Thins

gluten free tasting 5

Hippie Snacks

gluten free tasting 7

Raw Cru

 gluten free tasting 8

Flax Crisps

gluten free tasting 9

Kale Krunch

 gluten free tasting 10

Bob’s Red Mill Flax

gluten free tasting 11


gluten free tasting 12

Cinnamon Donuts

gluten free tasting 13

Otari’s GF Treats

gluten free tasting 14

Okanagan Rawsome

gluten free tasting 15

Sprouted Crisps

gluten free tasting 21

So Delicious

gluten free tasting 16

RW Garcia

gluten free tasting 17

Three Seed Grains

gluten free tasting 18

With•Out•Wheat Cookies

gluten free tasting 19

Glutino Crackers & Bagel Chips

Real Foods Corn Thins

Real Foods Corn Thins

Benjamin's Bites Certificate copy

Benjamin’s Bites

 gluten-free chocolate

Click for Handmade Chocolate Recipe


gluten free tasting 22

Wendel’s Cheese Cakes

gluten free tasting 23

Caramel Turtles!

gluten free tasting 25

Voted Most Delicious!

gluten free tasting 24

Wendell’s Christmas Platter

gluten free tasting 26

Wendel’s Squares

gluten free tasting 27

Wendel’s to Go!

gluten free tasting 28

Shannon, Robyn, Aly and the Celiac Scene, celebrating a job well done!