Gluten-Free Restaurant Review: Famoso’s Neopolitan Pizzeria in Victoria

Famoso's Gluten-Free Pizza Pasta Victoria BIt’s natural to be nervous. That’s why Victoria’s Gluten-Free Foodies dine as a group, so that restaurants are on their best behaviour! 16 adventurous GF Foodies ‘dared to dine’ at Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria on a cold and snowy West Coast night!

The Back Story (Review & Pics below)

Fellow celiacs reached out to The Celiac Scene to report that they had been enjoying safe and delicious gluten-free pizzas at Famoso’s on Pandora in downtown Victoria. This I had to see for myself!  Scene map

The Celiac Scene visited the restaurant in person and spoke to Louis, the manager on shift. He took the time to carefully outline their practices, starting and ending with the proviso that their restaurant handles wheat. Fair enough.

  • every morning, staff prepare the day’s supply of gluten-free crusts.
  • the crusts have been tested to contain <20 ppm, conforming to Health Canada’s safety standard
  • gluten-free orders are prepared at a dedicated station in the kitchen, removed from the main preparation area
  • gluten-free ingredients are stored in dedicated bins and used exclusively for gluten-free orders
  • gluten-free orders are cooked in a physically divided oven to ensure that there is no contact with regular orders
  • Famoso’s also serves gluten-free pasta, cooked in a dedicated pot, strained with a dedicated colander. Identified sauces are gluten free.

Famoso’s Menu 
Famoso’s Victoria serves Gluten-Free Forager Lager!
Famoso’s Allergy Chart

Famoso's Gluten-Smart Options

The Review

Dear Corey, Louis, Luca and Anna! Last night was excellent! 

A fantastic turnout of very sociable celiac and gluten-free diners thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Famoso’s Victoria! 

Anna, our Waitress, Handsome Servers, Corey (Culinary Manager), and most importantly, Louis (Kitchen Manager) and his Elves took good care of us. It seemed everything on Famoso’s menu was able to be made gluten free. We took full advantage of that! I had the Pasta Prima Verde with Pesto Sauce on Penne. Fab!

See pics from our Foodie Meet-Up site:

Thank you for your patience as we made plans to dine with you from first contact with Louis on December 23rd to finally dining with Corey 6 weeks later, with a phone call conversation with Luca in between! What fantastic service. It is nerve-wracking for celiacs to venture to new restaurants but once we do find a place we trust, we offer a 96% loyalty rate. 

Thank you for the care and attention you provided us. A restaurant experience at its best! 

Warm regards,
Ellen Bayens,
250-727-6275 (PST)
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Famoso's Gluten-Free Pizza Pasta Victoria Famoso's Gluten-Free Pizza Pasta Victoria
 Famosos-Gluten-Free-Pizza-Pasta-VictoriaFamoso's Gluten-Free Pizza Pasta Victoria Famoso's Gluten-Free Pizza Pasta Victoria Famoso's Gluten-Free Pizza Pasta Victoria JFamoso's Gluten-Free Pizza Pasta Victoria Famosos-Gluten-Free-Pizza-Pasta-Victoria