Gluten-Free Revolution Taking Place in Sooke, BC

Sooke Businesses Cover All Bases When it Comes to Serving Celiacs!
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The Uncommon Carrot TastingThe Uncommon Carrot is in its second week of operation as Sooke’s 100% Gluten-Free Juice Bar!  It’s already become a hub for conversation, laughter, learning and eating well on the go.  More than just a smoothie and juice bar; it’s a safe haven for restricted eaters, a comfortable hang out for moms with kids, and a resource and support network for those choosing to improve their eating habits. Fabulous, fun staff and like-minded friends!

Unit 2A 6686 Sooke Road
Hours: Mon-Fri 6am – 5pm Sat-Sun 9am – 4 pm
Read all about The Uncommon Carrot here!

Benjamin's Bites 4 CookiesBenjamin’s Bites Have Landed  Debbie Esposito was determined create a cookie that her food-sensitive toddler Benjamin could enjoy. Many batches of cookies later, Benjamin’s Bites‘ was born, free of the top allergens:  gluten, eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds or sulphites. Benjamin’s has become the go-to cookie for anyone who loves a delicious treat!  Sunbutter, Chocolate Chip and Double Dark Chocolate – now available – you guessed it – at The Uncommon Carrot! Watch Benjamin’s Bites’ video here!

Gluten-Free Cones

A tall, soft-serve cone on a hot day is always a great idea but knowing – for sure – that the ice cream itself is gluten-free is beyond sweet!

Is there gluten in ice cream? Not necessarily but some establishments (ie McDonald’s) train their staff on the art of the swirl and curl. Rather than throw out the ice cream,  staff dump the ice cream back into the mix, and practice their art on the same cone.  You guessed it – cross contamination!

Sooke River Store And Grill strictly prohibits such practices not only because they care about the safety of their celiac customers, co-owners Mark and Richard are soft ice-cream aficionados and would never want to compromise on quality!

Gluten Free ConesBring Your Own Cone! While Mark and Richard source a steady supply of gluten-free ice cream cones, they  would be delighted to fill the cones that their shoppers bring with them.

The Celiac Scene conducted a quick survey of the closest cone-carrying retailers and struck gold at Market on Millstream at 2401C Millstream Road in Langford. As of Tuesday, August 26th, they had six boxes in stock. In Victoria, visit Planet Organic or Lifestyle Markets. (Note: you can also ask for your ice cream in a sundae cup.)

Find Sooke River Store and Grill at 6250 Sooke Road as you turn onto Sooke River Road (to the Sooke Potholes)

Extra-Special Mention! 

Route 14 SookeRoute 14 Sooke is the place where everyone knows your name – and staff will serve you your favourite gluten-free brew – Bard’s Beer – as soon as you sit down. Stew and staff will treat you like a long lost friend and introduce you to the locals. Enjoy a burger on the very best gluten-free bun on the market,  O’Dough’s. West Coast living at its finest!

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6686 Sooke Rd  778-352-1414

Sooke-Pocket-News-1Stay tuned to  all things Sooke via Sooke Pocket News – Real News – No Paper! Traffic, weather and everything you need to know to enjoy the good gluten-free life on Vancouver Island’s Best West Coast!