Gluten-Free Happiness – Sunday Brunch at Six Mile Pub!

Gluten Free Sunday BrunchThis is what gluten-free happiness looks like!! Everyone able to enjoy a fabulous buffet brunch – including me – the lone gluten-free person in the group!

First of all, no lineups like the ones you find at notoriously celiac-UN-friendly restaurants in downtown Victoria.  And no ‘salad’ with a ‘side of fruit salad’ when you are finally seated.  Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 5.07.23 PMCheck the level of service I received simply by calling ahead and inquiring whether Six Mile Pub could accommodate a celiac at their Famous Sunday Brunch.

gluten free reservations

We were able to reserve a table in the family room where we like the relative quiet and Pascal at the bar provided us with a warm welcome when we arrived. Did I say no line-ups! A server from past dinners zoomed past and said hello to me – by name – as we made our way to our table! Who does that!  Staff welcomed our late arriver, immediately directing her to our table. She loved the personal care and attention, something relatively rare in home-town Calgary.

gluten-free mimosaJulie our server was right on board with informing me about my options and personally escorted me to meet the chef while the others enjoyed their mimosas! Chef Jeff told me that while many items at their buffet were gluten free, he would personally platter (an enormous) selection of options for me, directly from the kitchen. Even more personally, he delivered my appetizers and my entrée right to my table, while everyone else had to serve themselves! Queen for a day!

gluten free sunday brunch

My gluten-free meal was delicious and included a few celiac firsts! French toast with whipping cream and maple syrup,  eggs benedict (one with ham, one with smoked salmon), an omelette, lentil salad, sweet asian slaw, cantaloupe and strawberries. When I checked with our server about the status of the ‘delicious’ noodles in the sweet salad I had been served, she knew immediately that they were rice noodles. Phew!

gluten free dessert

Suddenly – gluten-free dessert appeared, this time personally delivered by Chef Trevor. Standard protocol for celiac diners!

For once, no one in my family had to go without – or feel second best! Regular Brunch $19.95 • Gluten-Free Brunch $22.95

Bard's gluten free beerCheck out what Six Mile Pub has to offer you!

BTW: Six Mile serves Bard’s Beer!
And did I say – no line ups? ?

View the collage below to view what ‘regular’  folks have been raving about for years. We met people from Seattle who come for Six Mile Pub’s Sunday Brunch whenever they are in town!

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