Restaurant Imposes Hipster Surcharge for Gluten-Free Fakers

hipster allergy surcharge

Credit: hsmithakl/Reddit

An Auckland restaurant has caused a stir after they decided to include a $5 surcharge for ‘hipster allergies’ because they were sick of giving gluten-free food customers who still drunk [gluten] beers. The cheeky menu surcharge was exposed this week after an image of it was posted on social media and it’s certainly been dividing people’s opinions.

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“Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary needs, we will do our best to look after you, but we cannot guarantee traces of allergens will not be there,” the Satya Chai Lounge menu reads.

“$5 surcharge for Hipster allergies. V = Can be made Vegan. GF = can be made Gluten-Free”

The owner of the restaurant, Samrudh Akuthota, said he’s sick of people coming in and ordering gluten-free food then quite confusingly, drinking beer all night – and no, not the gluten-free kind. He explained the surcharge was actually a bit of a joke.

It appears the charge is aimed at sifting out real allergies from ‘hipster’ ones – where people clearly don’t seem to understand the parameters of an actual gluten-free diet.

The owner said he put it there to help encourage people to tell staff the true severity of their dietary requirement, so they can keep customers safe.

“The frustrating thing is we have people say ‘we’re coeliac, wheat will kill me’ but we offer them a gluten-free beer option and they say ‘no, beer doesn’t count’.”

“The hipster allergy was really put on there as a joke. We’ve never charged that and we never will. It’s more a case of saying if you’re going to be hipster and trendy by being vegan or gluten-free please tell us how serious it is. “f it is going to be life-threatening, we will do our best to look after you.” he added.

A joke or not, the menu has divide opinion with some people all for the war on hipsters’ dietary needs that clearly contradict themselves and others who think the idea is ridiculous.

“I approve of the $5 Hipster Allergies surcharge,” the original Reddit post said.

“I don’t think anyone with legit allergies should be charged or made to feel stink, but after having seen some over the top hipster-esque demands in hospo – I can see why they thought this was a funny way to pre-emptively nip it in the bud,” one user said in the comments.

“Thanks will put that on the list to avoid. Have food intolerances and it’s bad enough being on fodmap but paying the extra $5 for them to be judgy,” another added.

“This is more pretentious than any ‘hipster allergy’,” one person exclaimed.