Introducing Celiac Kids – Victoria & Westshore: Meet Up Group for Gluten-Free Families

Celiac Kids Victoria copyAmanda Allan of Victoria, BC saw a need and is doing something about it! 

Amanda has a celiac daughter who is entering grade 3. While she has a decent number of friends at school and in the neighborhood, Amanda felt that her child could benefit from knowing other celiac kids.

Amanda checked in with members of Celiac Parents and Parents of Celiac Kids Group  who reside in the Victoria and Westshore area to see whether they shared her interest in getting their gluten-free kids together and hanging out with other parents. The response was immediate and enthusiastic!

  • If you start a local group please add me! Kiddo is 4.
  • Include us too please! My daughter with CD is going in to Gr 8.
  • My daughter is 11 and was just diagnosed. We are in the Westshore area
  • I am celiac as well as my son who is 9.5 
  • My daughter is going in grade 4 and I’m in Sooke. We go into Langford all the time.
  • My son Rylan is 11 and could definitely use some reconnecting with other celiac kids. We are in Colwood!
  • My daughter is going into Grade 3 and we live in View Royal.
  • We’re in the Saanich with a 9 year old who is going into Grade 4
  • I would love this I have celiac and both my daughters do as well (7 and 5)

Amanda AllanAmanda went into action and created a closed* Facebook group for exactly this purpose called Celiac Kids – Victoria & Westshore.  Dedicated to helping celiac kids meet other kids who face similar situations, the goal is to stage simple events in hopes that they will feel less alone, make room for them to talk to about issues that arise at school, socially and just generally hang out.

If this group would be of interest to you or someone you know, please head to Celiac Kids – Victoria & Westshore and ask to join and / or suggest a friend join.

Thank you, Amanda!

* In a closed group, admins must approve members and only group members can see posted content.