Introducing ‘Living Naturally Autoimmune’ and Elizabeth Johnson, RHN

Living Naturally Autoimmune

Elizabeth Johnson RHN, Living Naturally Autoimmune

Are you young, gluten free and struggling with additional sensitivities or allergies? If so,  you’ll want to hang out with Elizabeth Johnson, RHN of Living Naturally Autoimmune!

About Elizabeth

Fatigue, hair loss, weight loss, severe nausea, bloating and anemia? It takes a special someone to turn a set back in their health into a comeback as an advocate for others living with celiac disease and autoimmune disorders. That person is Elizabeth Johnson!

  • “My autoimmune journey began when I was 15 years old. I started developing fatigue, hair loss, weight loss, severe nausea, bloating and anemia. This lead to years and years of going to the doctor, getting tests, and not getting any answers. When I was 21 I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I thought going on a gluten-free diet was the answer to all of my problems but unfortunately it wasn’t. After a few months on a very strict gluten-free diet I contracted a viral infection resulting in reactive arthritis and that lead to secondary viral encephalitis. I was left with weakness, nerve damage, speech and balance problems. After everything that happened I was feeling defeated, scared and unsure of what my future held. I decided to take my health into my own hands and use a holistic approach to heal.”


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Experiencing its healing effects first-hand, Elizabeth was inspired to undertake the intensive Registered Holistic Nutrition Program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

A two-year curriculum with an in-depth focus on nutrition, biology, biochemistry, allergies and alternative diets, it solidified Elizabeth conviction that the right food, sleep and exercise is the key for physical healing and emotional health. 

With her academic training now complete, Elizabeth has so much to share – starting with a chance to win a free subscription to her favourite magazine! Click here to enter!

The Living Naturally Autoimmune Blog
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Living Naturally Autoimmune Recipe Page  is dedicated to natural, gluten, grain, dairy, soy, nut and allergy-free ingredients!

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Crispy Turmeric Parsnip and Carrot Fries
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