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Gluten-Free KOB is your free, online baking resource! Learn the why’s’ and ‘how’s of gluten-free baking – once and for all! Click here for free printer-friendly recipes & instructional videos.

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Enjoy a personal introduction from Teresa and your link to the video. Recipe cards appear at the end of the video and can be pulled up on any device. Watch the videos at your convenience – for as many times as you like.  Learn more than you could ever  imagined! Click here to view ALL Classes!

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About Teresa!

Teresa studied dietary technology, owned a gluten-free bakery and is a veteran of many hands-on baking classes taught in the Beaumont, Alberta community, just outside of Edmonton. Teresa is diagnosed celiac who bakes full time for herself and her celiac teenager. With a husband who is a Type 1 diabetic,  Teresa’s hands are full. She is eager to to share what she has learned with us!

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The Celiac Scene Review!

After purchasing the video, Teresa introduced herself as a diagnosed celiac with a teenaged son who also has CD. Baking is in Teresa’s blood. Her father was a professional baker and her grandmother was the inspiration behind many of Teresa’s family’s traditional recipes. Upon her diagnosis with CD, Teresa adapted those favorites to gluten free.

With her son’s subsequent diagnosis, she knew she had to make them more nutritious, yet still be delicious! Those recipes formed the foundation of the gluten-free bakery she went on to establish. Teresa had a desire to share those recipes – and strategies – for successful gluten-free baking with others so she began offering in-person baking classes out of her home in Beaumont, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton.

With the onset of the COVID crisis and the social distancing that we are all practicing, Teresa adapted her hands-on classes to online. Gluten Free KOB was born!

The video is recorded in Teresa’s kitchen, where ingredients were pre-measured for the Blueberry Muffins she would be making. As she worked her way through the steps, Teresa carefully explained where to source truly gluten-free ingredients as well as how to measure and mix them for the very best results. Her tips and techniques were gluten-free game changers. Now I know why my baking was not turning out as it should.

What made the class so worthwhile!

  • What temperature should ingredients be?
  • How long and how hard to beat gluten-free batters?
  • Why it is important to let your batter rest between mixing and baking?
  • How long to cool and even how long to wait before enjoying your baking?
  • Game-changing techniques that will forever change how your baking turns out
  • How ingredients work to give texture and structure
  • Tools that make baking ‘a piece of cake’
  • Tips on grinding my own grains
  • How to convert favourite family recipes to gluten free
  • Weighing versus measuring ingredients
  • Making the most of thermometers
  • How to adapt recipes to dairy-free, egg-free & sugar-free

Through time lapse recording, we were taken through the baking process from start to finish and even enjoyed ’seeing’ how the muffins looked ‘inside’ as they came out of the oven.  

Thank you, Teresa! I wish I had found you 18 years ago!