Lot 1 Pasta Bar Passes Celiac Scene Inspection

When a Mom-of-a-Celiac asked about  Lot1 Pasta Bar, I was certain that she was a glutton for gluten-free punishment!

  • Has anyone been to Lot1 Pasta Bar. Good practices? Safe for 8 yr old celiac?

My immediate response:

  • Call me a Celiac Cynic but what are their assurances that the meal they serve you is gluten free aka celiac safe? We all know that a gluten-free crust does not make for a gluten-free pizza. I told her that I would stop in to say a celiac hello and to see what their protocol is.

Cue Trumpets!

  • I have tremendous news!!! Lot1 has it all going on for the gluten free!! They are a sister restaurant to the highly regarded Bin4. The same attention to detail permeates this establishment. While Lot1 makes their own fresh gluten pasta on site, they are very mindful of minimizing airborne wheat flour. The kitchen is set up to cook gluten-free, Italian-made Preferisco Pasta in dedicated pots and colanders. All of their pasta sauces but one (the Hoisin-style) are gluten free. Servers can walk you through the appetizers that are not, as well as the ones that can be adapted. The restaurant has only been open for 5 days! Seems nothing escapes the gluten-free in this town!

Lot1 Pasta Bar

Thank you, Mom-of-a-Celiac, for posing this most wonderful question. Two thumbs and 8 fingers up for Lot1!!

Lot1 had been added to The Celiac Scene’s Recommended Listings.

Lot1 Pasta Bar Storefront

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204 – 815 Cloverdale Avenue, in the Designer Shoe Warehouse strip mall, between Jenny Craig and The Patch Coffee House
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