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Famished Foodie x 4 IGYouTube food vlogger Mali Munroe has been touring her tastebuds throughout Nanaimo and surrounding communities for the past year and a half and is quickly making her name as local media personality, Famished Foodie.

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Watch Famished Foodie’s gluten-free finds at restaurants that our community know and trust!

Currently filming Season 2 – Famished Foodie will soon be publishing tours of the beloved Off the Hook, Mizu Fresh Fruit Ice-Cream and Sweet & Dandy Cotton Candy.

Plans for Season 3 include a strong focus on Celiac-Friendly Restaurants & Food Trucks, clearly marked as endorsed by The Celiac Scene.

“There is great GF restaurant food out there and I intend to prove it.” 

Famished Foodie LogoAbout Mali

  • “You eat to live, but it’s also rewarding to live to eat. After the Covid crisis, I wanted to return to flavourful living and to do something I was really excited about. Famished Foodie is a rebirth and reconnection with a passion for food, flavour & texture.” 

Her husband’s challenges with gluten and multiple allergies have inspired Mali to refocus her lens from restaurants in general to those who can cater to his – and OUR – needs!

Before meeting her Hubby, Mali enjoyed a blissful lack of awareness about the challenges a person with food allergies faces. For him, dining out was a minefield of cross contamination, improperly labelled food and cross-reactivity.

  • “We were always hyper vigilant and carry an epipen. Dining out involves careful dietary pre-planning. At one point my Hubby was down to eating only ground beef, white rice and coke zero.”
  • “Social life? What social life? As his food allergies and intolerances increased, we became more like social hermits.”

It was easier, calmer and safer to stay home than to worry about the risk of an allergic reaction or an Emergency Room visit.

  • “For a very long time I was afraid to venture forth. Finally I was able to put my fear at bay of my husband getting hurt by food. That released me to explore  Vancouver Island’s vast culinary excellence.” 

Mali is now dedicated to raising awareness about the gluten-free diet and the restauranteurs who work so hard to support our community. She wants to create a casual normalcy for celiac, gluten-intolerant and wheat allergic diners. The Celiac Scene will be sharing videos that feature the restaurants we trust – and love! Stay tuned!

View Mali’s archive of restaurants videos, recorded prior to her gluten-free focus: Video ArchivePlaylist