The Market Stores Gluten-Free Flyer

Wall to Wall Gluten-Free Savings at The Market Stores
January 11 – 17

UPDATED! Gluten-Free Guide to The Market on Yates

The Market Stores Gluten Free Flyer

View the Complete Flyer Here • Be the First to Receive The Markets’ Flyer – Online

Gluten-Free Guide to The Market on Yates • Gluten-Free Guide to The Market on Millstream

 oDoughs-Gluten-Free Breads

The Market Stores offer the largest selection of O’Dough’s Too Good to Be Gluten-Free Breads on Vancouver Island! Click for details!

Special Pricing at Market On Millstream’s Self Care Department
Celiac-Friendly Supplements, Super Foods, Vitamins and Body Care Products.

The Market Stores Gluten Free Flyer

Count on the Team at the Market On Millstream Self Care Department. Experts there will advise you on vitamins, supplements and body care products that meet your needs. Check for Sales on Celiac-Safe Self-Care Items

To assist gluten-free shoppers wishing to claim the “Medical Expense Tax Credit,” the Market Stores clearly identify gluten-free items on your receipt.

The Market Stores make shopping easy for customers with specialty diets. Pick up a hard copy of the Gluten-Free Guide to The Market at the news stand inside the store.

 Gluten Free Vitamins Supplements

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