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  •  bake my day online store.

    NEW for BC and Alberta! Order Bake My Day Online – Delivered to your Door!

    Puff Pastry Tips from Dale!

    • Thaw the puff pastry overnight or on the counter
    • If you have time, it’s best to thaw puff pastry overnight in the fridge.
    • If you don’t have time, thaw it on the counter until it’s pliable enough to unfold without cracking, but still cold to the touch.
    • Keep a close eye on it — if the dough feels very limp, refrigerate it for 30 minutes to help it firm up again.
    •  Carefully  unroll the puff on your counter, taking care at any seams or toward the center of the roll, which are prone to cracking.
    • If the pastry does start to crack, wait a few minutes and try again. Small cracks can usually be patched together again when you roll it out. Remove any packing papers or liners.
    • Lightly roll out the puff pastry: Dust the top of the puff with just a little GF flour, then use a rolling pin to very lightly roll across the seams and bumps from the packaging and make the pastry even.
    • Don’t press to hard here or your pastry might not puff as much — the goal is just to flatten it, not to actually roll it out.
    • Scraps can be gathered up and be re-used, but MAKE SURE SCRAPS ARE LAYERED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER – NOT SCRUNCHED UP IN A BALL, before re-rolling.
    • Follow any puff pastry recipe, remembering that ALL pastry – gluten-free or not – bakes off flakiest when chilled for a short time before baking in a hot oven.
    • We generally egg wash pastry before baking to give it that yummy golden colour and find our best results are from pre-heating oven to 450°, placing product in oven, lowering oven to 400° and baking the item until golden brown.
    • You can use the entire sheet of puff to make a big tart, shape smaller individual tarts, or even bake the puff inside muffin cups
    • (for about 10-15 min) and fill them later.

    Bake My Day’s fabulous gluten-free tarts, turnovers, pies, sausage rolls and spanakopita are created in a dedicated gluten-free facility from documented to be gluten-free ingredients.

    Enjoy these sumptuous delicacies on the spot and / or purchase ready-to-bake versions to take home and savor, warm from your own oven.  Dale’s pie shells and groundbreaking, ready-to-roll puff pastry dough let you become the gluten-free chef you’ve always wanted to be. Ask about their dairy-free options.

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    Ready to Eat!

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    Ready to Bake!

    gluten free turnoversGluten free Pastry Mixgluten free spanakopita Bake My Day Ready to Bake Frozen Fruit Piesbake-my-day-ready-to-bake-frozen-sausage-rolls-copygluten free pastry dough 2gluten free pie shellsgluten free puff pastryBakeMyDay Review

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