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  • Noodle Box

    Voted #1 Take Out Restaurant in Vancouver, Noodlebox Southeast Asian Noodle Bar got its start in Victoria’s Chinatown as a humble food cart in 2001. Their unique style street food became so popular that people were willing to wait hours in the rain to get their fill.

    In 2003 they opened their first restaurant location on Douglas Street and have broadened their reach since then to Shelbourne, UptownLangford and Port Place in Nanaimo. Scroll down for their locations in Vancouver, BC and Alberta!

    Fun, high energy staff – and diners – are on the same page for safe and delicious gluten-free food. Noodle Box is the place to see and be seen as you line up – indoors – to order!

    NoodleBox prides itself on trusted transparency – premium ingredients, ethically raised protein, MSG-free, sustainable practices, farm-to-plate and committed to community.

    Standard Protocol – every wok is scrubbed by hand, every time.
    Gluten-Free Protocol – let staff know your dietary preferences or intolerances and the chef’s station will be re-set with fresh utensils, cloths and squeaky-clean hands.

    Ask for rice noodles, jasmine rice or go no-carb / high-protein. Add in roasted cashews, crushed peanuts or even a fried free-range egg to gussy up any GF dish! Dial in your spice level and you’re ready to go!  Facebook • Twitter • Instagram

    Check out the Noodlebox Menu or scroll down to view

    * NOTE: Ginger Beef Box (beef is cooked in shared deep fryer – caution celiacs)

    Noodle Box Menu Page 1

    Click to view

    Noodle Box Menu Page 2

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    In Victoria • Shelbourne • Douglas • Uptown • Langford •

    In Nanaimo • Port Place •

    Noodle Box Vancouver Island

    In Vancouver • Kitsilano • Homer • Mt Pleasant • Gastown

    Noodle Box Vancouver

    In Alberta • Calgary • Airdrie • Deerfoot Meadows • Red Deer • Sherwood ParkNoodle Box Alberta

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