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  • Juices, Smoothies and Clean-Eating Foods Have Arrived in Sooke! 

    Kerry Uncommon Carrot

    Meet Kerry and ‘Mini-Me!’

    The Uncommon Carrot has opened its doors at last! A dedicated gluten-free zone, completely safe for celiacs, their family and friends! The ‘UC’ offers juices and smoothies and a grwoing selelction of gluten-free items from their official Launch Menu! Stop by to say hello and check out the bright new space that will soon become your gluten-free home away from home!!

    Open Monday-Friday from 6am to 5pm. Weekends 9am to 4pm.

    Uncommon Carrot 3

    “The “UC” will be a hub for conversation, laughter, learning and eating well on the go. Looking to eat clean? We’ll support you. Need a meet up spot? Come on in for a smoothie. Want gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan foods fast? We got you,” says Kerry.

    “More than just a smoothie and juice bar; we will be a safe haven for restricted eaters, a comfortable hang out for moms with kids, a resource and support network for those wanting to change their eating habits.”

    The Uncommon Carrot SookeDelicious fresh smoothies and juices and the very best in locally-produced, gluten-free products to eat in or take away will be ever ready. A line up of savory soups and short orders will make The Uncommon Carrot the go-to place for breakfast, a light lunch or gorgeous, gluten-free thirst-quenchers!

    map-uncommon-carrotYou’ll find a carefully curated selection of local favourites and trusted allergen-free foods from dry goods, fresh local organic produce, and their original Go Food line of frozen slow-cooker meals. No more driving into Langford to get gluten-free staples – or yummy treats!

    Friendly Faces The Uncommon Carrot

    The Uncommon Carrot staff is ready to serve you!

    The Uncommon Carrot Drink Menu

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    Why The Uncommon Carrot?Uncommon Carrot Juice

    Owner Kerry Cavers likes to eat healthy but knows it can be a struggle sometimes. Between hectic schedules, the need to grocery shop and then finding the time to actually put it all together, it’s easy to procrastinate.

    Kerry and husband Stewart started with Go Food Café, offering healthy, gluten-free freezer meals ready to dump in your slow cooker eliminating dinnertime stress. And that was successful. Now we’ve brought out baby, and bringing the juice, smoothies and gluten-free eats to a dedicated space here in Sooke. Health nuts rejoice!

     Salad in a jar

    gluten free wrapsWe are proud to say we are aiming for the shop to be 75% built out with used and up-cycled materials. We currently have some great juicers but our Kickstarter goal is to raise $7,000 so that we can purchase a specific commercial juicer, a specialty fridge, and to open with stocked shelves of gluten-free merchandise not readily available here in Sooke.

    Learn more about The Uncommon Carrot!  Follow “UC’s” progress on Facebook  •  on Twitter  • [email protected]

    The Uncommon Carrot now open

    Route 14 Sooke 2

    Right next door to The Uncommon Carrot is Route 14, your last chance to your last chance to enjoy a Bard’s Gluten-Free Beer before you surf Jordan River, trek the West Coast Trail, party in Port Renfrew or drive the Pacific Marine Route to Lake Cowichan. Between these two amazing gluten-free-friendly establishments, you can be healthy, have fun and vice versa!

    Sooke-Pocket-News-1Stay tuned to  all things Sooke via Sooke Pocket News – Real News – No Paper! Traffic, weather and everything you need to know to enjoy the good gluten-free life on Vancouver Island’s Best West Coast!

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