Planning a Gluten-Free Resort Vacation by Selena De Vries, RD

Selena De Vries Gluten-Free Travel wpThere is a lot to consider when traveling gluten free. Fellow celiac Selena De Vries, RD teaches us how in her ‘Live Gluten Free with Ease’ course. Want to know more?  Contact Selena!

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The first thing to ask yourself is how long have you been diagnosed? If you are recently diagnosed, you will want to start off visiting countries that are easier to navigate gluten-free or else you may find yourself super overwhelmed and frustrated! Some common places that are easier to travel would be Italy, Mexico + Costa Rica. We actually have an international travel destination guide in the Live Gluten Free with Ease course.

After you successfully travel to some easier countries, it will build your confidence and your knowledge and allow you to start travelling to other countries where it may be more complex to travel GF.

Selena De Vries RD wpNow, once you’ve chosen your destination, you need to do some research. This is the biggest difference between travelling post diagnosis from pre-diagnosis. Doing the right research is going to help set you up for success. If I could mention a few helpful tips, it would be to:

1. Know the words in the country’s language for gluten. You can use one of the many gluten-free translation cards online and the google translate app is a must-have!

2. Know the country’s cultural cuisine and what is naturally GF there and where gluten may show up. This will help prepare you to know what is generally safe there so if options are limited, you can still find something to eat.

3. Do not rely on eating out for all 3 meals/day. This is a recipe for travel burnout. It will require you to constantly advocate for yourself and you will likely feel stressed trying to source safe food three times/day at restaurants. Aim to prepare at least 1 meal/day yourself. This can be done anywhere (trust me, I’ve done it with zero cooking equipment and shelf-stable foods).

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