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After the release of the August 2016 Scene E-News (get your FREE copy here!), we were inundated with restaurant suggestions from the most sensitive of gluten-free diners – local celiacs! Scroll down for the newest additions to Your Celiac Scene! If you have feedback for us – we’d  love to hear from you, too!

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Fresh Kennebec Fries at Harvest Road

Harvest Road Farm to Table – 2451 Island View Road, Saanichton – See Map

  • Read the full review
  • Freshly harvested Michell Farm Kennebec potatoes, sliced and deep fried. Heaven on earth!

Lot1 Pasta Bar – 815 Cloverdale Avenue – See Map

  • Read the full review
  • Gluten-free protocol carried over from reputable Bin 4 Burger franchise. GF pasta, all sauces but one are gluten-free.

Oak Bay Marina Sunday Brunch – 1327 Beach Drive, Victoria – See Map

La Tortilla Platter for Two

La Tortilla Platter for Two

La Tortilla Mexicana – 910 Esquimalt Road, Esquimalt – See Map

  • Read the full review
  • Authentic, completely gluten-free (minus the möle)

There’s more!

Figo Italian Bistro477 Wallace Street, Nanaimo – See Map

  • Gluten-free fusilli, very gluten aware, food is delicious

Fox & Hounds – 11 High Street, Ladysmith – See Map

  • gluten-free options noted on menu, shared deep fryer

Northern Lights Restaurant – 1817 Campbell Way, Port McNeill – See Map

  • ask owner Phil to oversee your gluten-free meal

Part & Parcel – 2656 Quadra Street, Victoria – See Map

  • informal daily menu, all meals made from scratch, order according to celiac needs

Rockn’ Rolls Modern Sushi – 1 Dallas Rd – See Map

  • celiac savvy, serious about gluten free

Surly Mermaid  – 9851 Seaport Place, Sidney – See Map

  • Gluten-Free Noted on Menu

Wild Mountain Food & Drink  – 1831 Maple Avenue South, Sooke – See Map

  • Excellent reviews from sensitive celiacs

Cautions from Fellow Celiacs

Beacon Landing  –  2537 Beacon Avenue West, Sidney – See Map

  • 98% menu may be gluten-free but confirm – and confirm again – that your order is gluten free

Tartan Toque 1507 Pandora Avenue, Victoria – See Map

  • Ask that fresh toppings (tomato, cheese, onions …) be used to dress gluten-free burgers
  • for the oat sensitive: ‘pure’ oats used in all burgers. 

Note: restaurant recommendations are a guide – not a guarantee of a gluten-free meal. Always Ask Gluten-Free Questions

Just in case you haven’t heard – hottest arrivals! 
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Route 14 Pub Sooke – 6686 Sooke Rd, Sooke – See Map

  • Read the full review
  • Just had a great gluten-free meal at Route 14 in Sooke. Awesome menu with gluten-free notations and a great chef that isn’t afraid to use spices. I ordered a Morroccan Korma dish that was so good I asked for a spoon so I would not waste a drop. Owner Stew was a great host – well aware and talked to the chef immediately when I had a question about soup of the day. My small intestine can verify this is the best restaurant I have been to in months! I am a celiac,  diagnosed just 7 months ago, and I am absolutely confidant this establishment is on the ball!

The Uncommon Carrot – opening soon – Unit 2A 6686 Sooke Road, Sooke – See Map

  • Read the full review
  • The Uncommon Carrot is days away from their grand opening at unit 2A at 6686 Sooke Road! The completely remodeled location tucked in behind Route 14 Restaurant will first and always be a dedicated gluten-free zone, completely safe for celiacs, their family and friends!