Route 14 Pub in Sooke Has Arrived

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Route 14 is eager to meet you

It doesn’t get any better than the testimony of a diagnosed celiac, cycling through Sooke with miles to go before he sleeps!

Just had a great gluten-free meal at Route 14 in Sooke. Awesome menu with gluten-free notations and a great chef that isn’t afraid to use spices. I ordered a Morroccan Korma dish that was so good I asked for a spoon so I would not waste a drop. Owner Stew was a great host – well aware and talked to the chef immediately when I had a question about soup of the day. My small intestine can verify this is the best restaurant I have been to in months! I am a celiac,  diagnosed just 7 months ago, and I am absolutely confidant this establishment is on the ball!

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Find Route 14 at 6686 Sooke Rd at Townsend

Find Route 14 at the epicentre of all things gluten-free,  the corner of Sooke Road and Townsend – at the town’s famous roundabout!

If you’re just visiting the Best West Coast, know that Route 14 is your last chance to dine gluten free before you surf Jordan River, trek the West Coast Trail, party in Port Renfrew or drive the Pacific Marine Route to Lake Cowichan.

Bard's Beer

Bard’s – 100% Gluten Free

Route 14 is the place where everyone knows your name – and the bartender will serve you your favourite gluten free brew – Bard’s Beer – as soon as you sit down. Owner Stew will treat you like a long lost friend and introduce you to the locals – like Jen of Wilde Fermentations.

Root Beer Kraut Route 14Route 14 will be serving up Jen’s Root Beer Kraut along with Route 14’s Pulled Pork on a Gluten-Free Bun, starting in September. Enjoy a sneak peek of ‘Pickling Paradise’ every Thursday evening at the Sooke Night Market, then head to Route 14 to discuss over fabulous pub fare! West Coast living at its gluten-free finest!

Check out Route 14’s menus below or visit their Facebook Page for daily special. Yes, they are on Instagram!

Uncommon Carrot Logo

Route 14 is right next door to The Uncommon Carrot, about to open as Sooke’s first and only 100% Gluten-Free Juice Bar & Cafe! Between the two, you can be healthy and have fun – and vice versa!

Sooke-Pocket-News-1Stay tuned to  all things Sooke via Sooke Pocket News – Real News – No Paper! Traffic, weather and everything you need to know to enjoy the good gluten-free life on Vancouver Island’s Best West Coast!

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