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Abuelo’s Corn Tortilla Chips

Authentically Mexican – Completely Local! Organic • Non-GMO • 100% Gluten-Free
• Natural, No Salt  (white & blue corn, beets, chia, quinoa seeds)
• Garlic (white corn, chia & quinoa seeds, garlic, sea salt)
• Habenero (white corn, habenaro peppers, flax, chia, quinoa, garlic, sea salt)
Now Available at Sante Gluten Free Cafe

Abuelo's at Sante

Celiac Scene Review

I met Harvey and Alondra 3 years ago when their Corn Tortillas operation in Courtenay, BC.  Alondra hails from Mexico and husband Harvey is her  business partner – and greatest fan. You will be, too!

The Victoria Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association invited  Alondra and Harvey to demonstrate how they hand roll Maseca corn flour dough and then flatten them using Harvey’s hand-made wooden tortilla press. The perfectly round tortillas are grilled  for all of 15 seconds,  turned over, sprinkled with cheese and then folded in half. Served piping hot with a choice of 4 sauces, the taste went beyond anything many of us had ever experienced in a tortilla.

Since then, Harvey and Alondra have launched into the Corn Tortilla chip market! Still making the tortillas by hand, a little thinner and cutting them into six wedges they are then flash deep-fried in small batches, creating the freshest tortillas chips on Vancouver Island!

You can also visit the Abuelo’s Tortilla Factory open 7 days a week at 5908 Bates Rd in Courtenay.
Celiac Safety: All of Abuelo’s products are gluten free, and are manufactured in a dedicated facility.