Can’t Do Pure Oats? Choose Oat-Free, Gluten-Free Cascadia Granola Instead

Cascadia Gluten-Free Granola

Made in Vancouver by a mom who cares. 

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Cascadia Ingredients

Cascadia Gluten-Free Granola is made with premium ingredients.

Granola Ingredients: Organic quinoa flakes, organic peanuts, almonds, pasteurized Canadian honey, organic sulphur-free coconut, organic pumpkin seeds, organic Thompson raisins, organic sunflower seeds, cranberries, pure olive oil, sea salt. Made with 1/3 quinoa flakes

‘Nut-Free’ Granola Ingredients: Organic quinoa flakes, organic sulphur-free coconut, pasteurized Canadian honey, organic pumpkin seeds, organic Thompson raisins, organic sunflower seeds, cranberries, pure olive oil, sea salt. Made with 1/3 quinoa flakes.

A half-cup serving provides 16% of daily protein, 15% of fibre, 12% of iron and loads of B vitamins and trace minerals. The good fats come from coconut, nuts and seeds and just a little bit from pure olive oil. With yogurt and fruit it’s a breakfast that lasts.  

YES! It’s gluten-free.  Ingredients have been sourced carefully, then prepared and baked in a gluten-free commercial kitchen.  Just to make sure, it has been tested using ELISA technology.  It’s safe!

My favourite way to enjoy Cascadia Gluten-Free Granola is by the handful – right out of the bag! A more restrained consumer may have sufficient quantities left over to give this oat-free, gluten-free brand a go in any number of permutations! Make every ounce last!


  1. gluten free granolaMixed with yogurt and fruit at breakfast
  2. Use as a topping for a baked apple!
  3. Apply liberally to your favourite ice cream!
  4. Add to your favourite gluten-free muffin recipe
  5. Bake it in – or as a topping on – gluten-free bread
  6. Make granola bars with just 3 ingredients: honey, peanut butter and chocolate!
  7. Roll bananas in granola and freeze
  8. Top a salad with it
  9. Toss it with (gluten-free) oatmeal for a crunchy twist
  10. Add it to smoothies
  11. Soften it up with heated milk and let sit. Devour
  12. Use instead of bread crumbs for stuffing
  13. Crush and roll chicken in it before baking
  14. Eat straight-up with Royal Nuts Gluten-Free Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit as add-ins
  15. Make a new gluten-free friend! Pour Cascadia into decorative a cellophane bag and tie with ribbon.

Cascadia Gluten-Free Granola has received the endorsement of the Victoria and Vancouver Chapters of Canadian Celiac Association

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