Shopping While Hungry at Planet Organic

gluten free baking

I must have been hungry! So many delicious gluten-free treats jumped out at me on this morning’s Planet Organic  Gluten-Free Store Tour!

• O’Doughs 100 Calorie Bagel Thins – six in a pack, individually wrapped just $4.99
• Sweets From the Earth Peppermint Nanaimo Squares $3.29
• Portofino Bakery (tested to be gluten free) individually wrapped cookies 4 INCHES in diameter $2.29
Okanagan Rawsome Cran-Raisin Apple Crisps

I had a great chat with AJ and Anastasia in the Deli and was mightily impressed with their gluten-free protocol. Many items have been newly adapted to our needs. Only three contain gluten. The kitchen takes careful measures to prevent cross contamination. Next time you are in – ask for your own tour!

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