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Gluten-Free Sales for Thursday, February 22nd to Wednesday, February 28th

Thrifty Foods Gluten-Free Guide Grocery Guide • 760+ Gluten-Free Recipes

Did you know?  Gluten-Free Bread can be found in 3 sections of  Thrifty Foods stores:  
1) GF section in bakery 2) Commercial bread section 3) Frozen gluten-free

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Are you, a friend or family member are wanting or needing to live gluten free? Then Thrifty Foods has got you covered! From cooking staples to bakery indulgences, Thrifty Foods offers tasty, gluten-free options in every aisle.  Recipes and support:  everything you need to make your gluten-free lifestyle easy, healthy and totally satisfying!

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Gluten Free Living Classes

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Learn How to Be Gluten Free! Two-hour information sessions are open to anyone adversely affected by gluten: celiacs, gluten sensitive, and the wheat allergic. No diagnosis needed. Learn how to eat and live gluten free from the experts: the Victoria Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association. Receive information, optimism and plenty of gluten-free goodies to go from The Celiac Scene.

Jessalyn O'Donnell, RDThrifty Foods is proud to have been one of the first grocery companies to offer customers personalized, in-store support from a Registered Dietitian. Jessalyn O’Donnell loves introducing people to great food choices, delicious recipe ideas and useful tips for living a gluten-free lifestyle. Contact Jessalyn.

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Is there is a specific product you are looking to locate that is not listed? Pease call your local Thrifty’s or get in touch with Thrifty Foods by email.

If you’d like to be first to know about great new products, contact Jessalyn. She’ll make sure you will be among the first to know!

As Manager  of Nutrition Services, Jessalyn loves  to introduce people to great food choices. Join her in-store for a stroll through the aisles where she’ll show you how to connect the dots between great gluten-free food products and good health.  Jessalyn is an expert at managing complex nutritional needs, food sensitivities or allergies.

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