Our Services

Ellen Bayens has trained hundreds of newly diagnosed celiacs how to live gluten free – happily! A celiac herself, she speaks first hand and with infectious humour about the challenges of the diet and how they can become the gateway to good health – and good business! From online promotion to in-person presentations, Ellen Bayens shares her energy and enthusiasm with consumers, manufacturers, restaurants and retailers in Victoria and across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

  • Store Tours

    Fun and informative, guided gluten-free store tours are a value-added service with a built-in guarantee to attract shoppers, create product awareness and secure brand loyalty!

  • Presentations

    Learn the why, when and how of Celiac disease and the gluten-free diet from an expert. Ellen Bayens shares personal insights, professional wisdom and years of experience, advocating on behalf of her community.

  • Gluten-Free Tastings

    Transform your event or location into a Pop-Up Trade Show! Encouraging consumers to ‘try before they buy’ in a fun and informal setting is a recipe for gluten-free success!

  • Product Promotion

    Position your product where the gluten free go! The premier online resource for celiacs, The Celiac Scene speaks with credibility in language that gluten-free consumers trust.

  • Restaurant Inservice

    Gluten-free diners! Feed them – feed your business! Turn a logistical challenge into a business solution and earn the loyalty of the fastest growing niche of diners – their friends and family!

  • Industry Training

    Ellen Bayens shares her comprehensive knowledge of ingredient sourcing, labeling regulations and best practices with manufacturers, restaurants and retailers keen to ‘Get Gluten-Free Right!’

    Contact us for a custom quote on how we can promote your product or educate your group.