Celiac Disease – Crash Course in Adapting to Change

  • Betty always spends two weeks at the home of her aging parents in the summer. Now that Betty has celiac disease, she suffers anxiety, hunger, sadness, and resentment on these holidays because her parents can’t/won’t make their home safe for her.  

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energy level gluten free

Ask the Celiac Dietitian – Selena De Vries, RD

“It’s been two years since I went gluten free but my energy levels are decreasing even though all my lab results are within normal.”
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celiac pro active WP

Celiac Counsellor’s Corner – The Gift of Limitations

  • When your parents or in-laws are gluten-clueless and unwilling/unable to learn, staying with them may no longer be an option. How can you deal with this limitation that celiac disease has introduced into your life?

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gluten free dietary needs

How to Be Assertive About Your GF Dietary Needs

  • Celiacs often face upsetting social situations around food. We fear that being assertive about our needs will seem rude, and we don’t want to offend anyone or wreck anyone’s fun.

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cooking for celiac

Ask the Celiac Dietitian – Selena De Vries, RD

  • “I remember the day as if it were yesterday. It was the day where someone else (besides my partner) attempted to cook gluten free for me.”

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sherry scheideman celiac transformation3

Has Celiac Disease Made You a Better Person?

  • Celiac disease can help us become less prejudiced against people and situations in the world around us.

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celiac pain anger

Celiac Counsellor’s Corner – Sherry Scheideman, RCC

  • Want to get off the cycle of pain? The physical pain of celiac disease makes us angry, desperate, frustrated, and afraid. This emotional pain makes the physical pain worse. We’re already dealing with cramps or mouth sores or whatever it is, and then we add the extra suffering of anger or sadness or fear on top of it — putting us in a cycle of increasing pain. Here’s how to get off that cycle of increasing pain.

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gluten-free lunch ideas

Ask the Celiac Dietitian – Selena De Vries, RD

  • QUESTION: My 5yr old son has Celiac disease. He was diagnosed about 8mths ago, to make it easier we have made our house gluten free but the thing I am struggling with the most right now is school lunches. When we took away the gluten we took away most of his favourite foods and now lunches are becoming boring, any suggestions?
  • See Selena’s response below!

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How-To-Eliminate-Pain copy

Celiac Counsellor’s Corner – Sherry Scheideman, RCC

  • Celiac Pain: Celiac disease presents each of us with our own unique set of pains to deal with – pain such as sores in the mouth, abdominal cramps, bloating, headaches, nausea, and so on. Normally, we wish this pain would go away. We tense up against it, wishing it weren’t there. We get frustrated, angry, and resentful that the pain is in our life. We feel like a victim, like it’s not fair, like our life is being ruined. We fear that the pain is a sign that something even worse is happening with our health. We hate the pain!

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Celiac Counsellor’s Corner – Sherry Scheideman, RCC

  • COMMENT: I’ve always been a very anxious person, and now that I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, I’m wondering if the celiac disease has something to do with it.

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gluten free peer pressure copy

Celiac Counsellor’s Corner – Sherry Scheideman, RCC

  • ISSUE: My travel companions pressure me to make quick decisions and take risks when I need a snack from a convenience store. I feel hurt and disrespected.

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Celiac Counsellor’s Corner – Sherry Scheideman, RCC

  • To the celiac who sometimes can’t stand herself because she gets so irritable when her pain and other symptoms worsen and she finds that she is not the positive person she used to be

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Sherry Scheideman Counselour 2

Celiac Counsellor’s Corner – Sherry Scheideman RCC

  • My 9 yr old was diagnosed end of June, and all our meals became gluten free, and snacks etc. separate toasters, butter and the like. I felt bad when the few times we ate out, my boy had few choices from the menu, so I decided to join him so he wasn’t alone, and have been completely gluten free since Sept. 1st. I wouldn’t dare think of eating wheat period. I made a commitment to support him, and I will never look back. He keeps things inside but has transitioned well, checking labels and avoiding things with gluten, and avoiding foods even when he wasn’t sure. But I know he wishes he wasn’t celiac … Marianne

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Sherry Scheideman Counselour 2

Celiac Counsellor’s Corner

  • My daughter’s biopsy results come back in a couple of weeks to confirm Celiac, but I’m already stressed as to how to feed her, especially the worry of cross contamination. I’m also worried about how she will handle it. I’m hoping going gluten free will help, and not overwhelm her more than she already is.

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The Gluten-Free Grocery Cart

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CORN THINS – Pressed Popcorn Bursting with Flavour

CORN THINS are made from delicious popped corn and bursting with the POPCORN flavour! Thin on calories but never thin on taste. Terrific on their own but with your favourite toppings, a scrumptious snack or meal. Behold the flavour sensations!

Canada Corn Thins

Non GMO • Vegan • Gluten & Wheat Free • Milk & Nut Free • Kosher certified • All natural ingredients • NO artificial colours or preservatives • 23 Calories per slice • < 5 gr carbohydrate per slice • 25 slices average per pack • more than 7% dietary fibre • 3% fat

CORN THINS for Breakfast! Well, they are the perfect alternative to bread and are a delicious, quick & healthy option to be combined with any traditional sweet or savoury topping you might normally have at breakfast.





CORN THINS for Lunch! Great tasting idea for a quick, healthy lunch, either at your desk at work, or in the comfort of your home.



CORN THINS for Dinner! For a quick, healthy and tasty option for dinner why not try some delicious topping options with CORN THINS to give you a very satisfying alternative for dinner.




CORN THINS for Snacks! When you want something tasty, but not too filling, CORN THINS are an ideal option to satisfy that in-between meal hunger.



Organic Original CORN THINS®: corn, sunflower oil, sea salt
Multigrain CORN THINS: corn, sorghum, brown rice, buckwheat, millet, sunflower oil, sea salt
Organic Sesame CORN THINS: corn, sesame, sea salt


How are CORN THINS Made?

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Real Foods ensures that every product manufactured is free from any Genetically Modified Ingredients.


  • Real Foods hold Organic Certification through Australian Certified Organic (ACO), a fully owned subsidiary of Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA). Certification ensures compliance with national organic production standards. Real Foods also hold USDA (USA) and JAS (Japan) Organic Certification through ACO.

Cross Contamination

  • Real Foods has implemented a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system (HACCP) to minimize any risk cross contamination of allergens.
Gluten Free Grimm's Fine Foods

We Have a Winner!

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