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10% Student Discount Every Day @ Pepper's Foods
Aug 3 all-day

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University & College Students – enjoy 10% off  EVERY DAY with provision of student ID card.

  • Some restrictions apply. No discount on sale items. 

A bustling market just steps away from the University of Victoria and one of the largest playgrounds in Victoria, shop at Pepper’s Foods for a picnic, a barbecue or the gluten-free foods you need to sustain you week in and week out! A long-time supporter of the Canadian Celiac Association’s Annual Picnic, Pepper’s Foods is the very ‘heart’ of Cadboro Bay!

3829 Cadboro Bay Road • 250-477-6513 • [email protected]

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• 10% Student discount EVERY day!

A bustling market just steps away from the University of Victoria and one of the largest playgrounds in Victoria, shop at Pepper’s Foods for a picnic, a barbecue or the gluten-free foods you need to sustain you week in and week out! A long-time supporter of the Canadian Celiac Association’s Annual Picnic, Pepper’s Foods is the very ‘heart’ of Cadboro Bay!

What’s New at Pepper’s Foods!

“Any time a local vendor or distributor approaches us with a local product, we’re all ears! ” Scott Zaichkowsky, Assistant Grocery Manager

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Gyro Park Pepper's Foods

Gyro Park & Beach at Cadboro Bay
The legendary home of the “Cadborosaurus” sea serpent, Cadboro Bay is a partially protected bay with the kind of long, sandy beaches that make for sublime summer swimming, strolling and boating. The park has a replica of the Cadborosaurus creature, said to be a relative of the Loch Ness Monster. Caddy, as it is known, usually allows itself to be seen once or twice a year. Cadboro Bay’s beaches are well-equipped for family outings with picnic facilities, public washrooms and a children’s playground. Pack a snack from Pepper’s and enjoy!

 Independent Grocer Award

Pepper’s Foods Wins Independent Grocer Award! Click for more information

Gluten-Free Summer Camps @ KOB Gluten-Free Baking
Aug 3 all-day

KOB Summer CampGluten-Free Summer Camp! 5 weeks of Baking Videos & Recipes by Gluten Free KOB!   Ice-Cream Sandwiches • Cookie Monster Cupcakes • Banana Loaf • Pavlova • Chocolate Cookies. Fun for Everyone!

Learn more and / or sign up up at HERE!

Kob GF DF Baking ClassesDAIRY-FREE and Gluten-Free Summer Camp! 5 weeks of Baking Videos & Recipes by Gluten Free KOB – without dairy! Ginger Cookies • Pie Crust • Cinnamon Buns • Banana Loaf • Ice-Cream Sandwiches.

Learn more and / or sign up HERE!


Meet Teresa on Video! 

KOB online baking classes will teach you the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of gluten free baking! Sign up for a virtual gluten-free baking class and start cooking! View the video right away, stop and rewind as needed and refer to it any time in the future. It’s yours! • FacebookTwitterInstagram[email protected]

Click to listen to Teresa’s conversation with Sue Jennett of  ‘A Canadian Celiac Podcast!
Click to listen to Teresa’s interview on CBC radio!
• Scroll down to read The Celiac Scene’s review!

KOB gluten free wpHow Classes Work!

  • Browse through classes and pick the one(s) that you would like to learn.
  • Click on the button to purchase. You will be directed to fill out your name and email. This Information is used for you to sign-in to your class(es).
  • You will be directed to pay with your credit card or coupon (if you have one!). Payments can be received worldwide.
  • While you are on the page, it will give you a link to start the class immediately, if you wish. An email will be sent to you with your sign-in, for later use.
  • You can take the class immediately or whenever it is best for you, in the future.
  • In the class, the GF KOB Baker will introduce herself and tell you a bit about herself and then she will take you into her VIRTUAL kitchen and teach you valuable techniques and processes on how to bake the item(s) you registered for.
  • The recipe, nutritional information and ideas on where to find ingredients will be available.
  • You will be EQUIPPED to bake in your kitchen and share gluten free baked goods that have excellent texture and taste …. today and for years to come!
  • A nice feature of this platform for classes, is that you can access every baking class you have purchased indefinitely on your sign-in page!
  • ALL classes are gluten free, yet, many of the classes are dairy and egg free as well.

About Teresa!

Teresa studied dietary technology, owned a gluten-free bakery and is a veteran of many hands-on baking classes taught in the Beaumont, Alberta community, just outside of Edmonton. Teresa is diagnosed celiac who bakes full time for herself and her celiac teenager. With a husband who is a Type 1 diabetic,  Teresa’s hands are full. She is eager to to share what she has learned with us!

KOB Gluten Free Pie Dough

Pie Crusts!

KOB Cupcakes


KOB Blueberry Muffins

Muffins & Flour!

KOB Gluten Free Baguette


KOB Banana Bread

Banana Bread!

KOB Cinnamon Bun Class

Cinnamon Buns!

KOB Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

KOB Bread


KOB Gluten Free Pie Dough

Perfect Pastry!

KOB Pavlova


KOB Raisin Bread

Raisin Bread!

KOB Cupcakes & Decorating

Decorated Cupcakes!

The Celiac Scene Review!

After logging into the class, Teresa came online,  introduced herself as a diagnosed celiac with a teenaged son who also has CD. Baking is in Teresa’s blood. Her father was a professional baker and her grandmother was the inspiration behind many of Teresa’s family’s traditional recipes. Upon her diagnosis with CD, Teresa adapted those favorites to gluten free.

With her son’s subsequent diagnosis, she knew she had to make them more nutritious, yet still be delicious! Those recipes formed the foundation of the gluten-free bakery she went on to establish. Teresa had a desire to share those recipes – and strategies – for successful gluten-free baking with others so she began offering in-person baking classes out of her home in Beaumont, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton.

With the onset of the COVID crisis and the social distancing that we are all practicing, Teresa adapted her hands-on classes to online. Gluten Free KOB was born!

The class is videotaped in Teresa’s kitchen, where she had ingredients pre-measured for the Blueberry Muffins she would be making. As she worked her way through the steps, Teresa carefully explained where to source truly gluten-free ingredients as well as how to measure and mix them for the very best results. Her tips and techniques were gluten-free game changers. Now I know why my baking was not turning out as it should.

What made the class so worthwhile!

  • What temperature should ingredients be?
  • How long and how hard to beat gluten-free batters?
  • Why it is important to let your batter rest between mixing and baking?
  • How long to cool and even how long to wait before enjoying your baking?
  • Game-changing techniques that will forever change how your baking turns out
  • How ingredients work to give texture and structure
  • Tools that make baking ‘a piece of cake’
  • Tips on grinding my own grains
  • How to convert favourite family recipes to gluten free
  • Weighing versus measuring ingredients
  • Making the most of thermometers
  • How to adapt recipes to dairy-free, egg-free & sugar-free

Through time lapse video taping, we were taken through the baking process from start to finish and even enjoyed ’seeing’ how the muffins looked ‘inside’ as they came out of the oven.  

Bake My Day @ Cow-Op Marketplace
Aug 3 @ 12:00 am – 11:45 pm

Cow-Up logoApart from carrying retailers, the best way to get Bake My Day to you in the Cowichan Valley/ Ladysmith / Mill Bay / Sahtlam area is through Cowichan Co-op Marketplace (Cow-op).

All of Bake My Day’s products are available – as well as some that you cannot buy at retail outlets ie 5 kg Flour, Pot Pies, Curry Chicken Hand Pies, Spanakopita and more! Have them delivered to your door!

Victoria – pick up at Zero Waste Emporium – 1728 Douglas St


  • Order online from Thursday 12pm to midnight Monday (PST) via Look for ‘Bake My Day’ under ‘Shop by.’
  • All orders are home delivered from Ladysmith down to Mill Bay on Thursdays.
  • New! Bike delivery in downtown Duncan. Learn more here.
  • Dale says, “Our products are still available through the bakery in Duncan, but please order ahead by phone 250-748-8450 or by email at [email protected]  so that your order can be  prepared and ready at the door.” 

Bake My Day’s fabulous gluten-free tarts, turnovers, pies, sausage rolls and spanakopita are created in a dedicated gluten-free facility from documented to be gluten-free ingredients.

Enjoy these sumptuous delicacies on the spot and / or purchase ready-to-bake versions to take home and savor, warm from your own oven.  Dale’s pie shells and groundbreaking, ready-to-roll puff pastry dough let you become the gluten-free chef you’ve always wanted to be. Ask about their dairy-free options.

Puff Pastry Tips from Dale! 

  • If you have time, it’s best to thaw puff pastry overnight in the fridge.
  • If you don’t have time, thaw it on the counter until it’s pliable enough to unfold without cracking, but still cool to the touch. Keep a close eye on it — if the dough feels very limp, refrigerate it for 30 minutes to help it firm up again.
  • One of the biggest mistakes you can make is leaving it on the counter for too long. A room-temperature atmosphere will cause the puff pastry to wilt and become floppy. That, in turn, will make the layers stick, and render it almost impossible to work with. If your puff pastry gets too soft, return it to the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes before moving forward.
  • Lightly roll out the puff pastry: Dust the top of the puff with just a little GF flour, then use a rolling pin to lightly roll. Puff pastry should be rolled out to approx. 4-5 mm depth.
  • Follow any puff pastry recipe, remembering that ALL pastry (gluten-­free or not) ­ bakes off flakiest when chilled for a short time before baking in a hot oven ie 10-15 min in freezer first after making your ‘creation.’
  • If you’re making a filled pastry, like a pot pie, for example, cut a few vents in the dough so hot air can escape and circulate as it bakes. If you skip this step, and you’ll have a soggy interior.
  • We generally egg wash pastry before baking to give it that yummy golden colour
  • A very general rule for baking the puff pastry is the following – bear in mind that oven temperatures vary.
  • Set the oven to 200° C (400° F – gas 6) and bake in the middle of the oven for 20 minutes to 25 minutes. Check after 20 minutes as it’s easy to burn the edges from cooking for too long.
  • Scraps can be gathered up and be re­used. Make sure that scraps are layered on top of each other – not scrunched up into a ball, before re-rolling.

Ready to Eat!

Bake My Day tarts1Bake My Day tarts 2gluten free fruit piespumpkin-pie-bake-my-day-300-x-225Bake My Day turnoversSausage Rolls 1gluten free spanokopita

Ready to Bake!

gluten free turnoversGluten free Pastry Mixgluten free spanakopita Bake My Day Ready to Bake Frozen Fruit Piesbake-my-day-ready-to-bake-frozen-sausage-rolls-copygluten free pastry dough 2gluten free pie shellsBakeMyDay Review

Taco Revolution – IXIM Tortillas @ Cow-Op Marketplace
Aug 3 @ 12:00 am – 11:45 pm

Taco Rev IXIMIf you like the fixings from Taco Revolution’s 100% Gluten-Free Food Truck, here’s your chance to have their Mexican spices, salsas, bean dips, mole, and of course corn tortillas and taco fillings delivered to your home in Cowichan Valley/ Ladysmith / Mill Bay / Sahtlam area through Cowichan Co-op Marketplace (Cow-op) under the name of ‘IXIM’!

Victoria – pick up at Zero Waste Emporium – 1728 Douglas St.


  • Order online from Thursday 12pm to midnight Monday (PST) via Look for ‘Shop by,’ and then choose Mexican Cuisine.
  • All orders are home delivered from Ladysmith down to Mill Bay on Thursdays.
  • New! Bike delivery in downtown Duncan. Learn more here.[email protected] • Facebook •  Twitter

IXIM Tortillas wpAbout IXIM Tortillas

  • Ixim is Cowichan Valley’s own locally produced, fresh corn tortilla maker. Ixim tortillas contain only heirloom (non-GMO) corn, water, and lime; no artificial fillers, preservatives, or unnatural genetically modified ‘frankencorn’ like most tortillas you find in stores.
  • Ixim fresh corn tortillas contain only top-quality Non-GMO corn that is naturally gluten-free. They do not contain artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. The only ingredients are corn, water, and traces of natural lime. Low in fat, a good source of dietary fibre and healthy carbohydrates, and have a glycemic index of 40 (low). Contain a range of nutrients and minerals such as protein, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. And as a bonus, each tortilla contains less than 50 calories. So go ahead and eat a few!

Seasonings – 100% gluten-free

  • Chorizo Spice Mix
  • Taco Seasoning Mix
  • Nun’s Mistake Mole

Salsas –  fresh sauce. Ideal for dipping.

  • Fresh Tomato Salsa, Medium or Spicy Heat

Pico de Gallo – fresh, raw vegetables,  never cooked. Ideal as a salad or a filling

  • Mild or Medium Heat


  • Shredded Chicken Tinga
  • Pulled Pork Cochinita Pibil
  • Refried Beans
  • Vegan Chorizo

Bean Dip

Where Else to Buy

Esquimalt Farmer’s Market

Cedar Farmer’s Market

Order & Pick up at the Taco Revolution Food Truck

  • Call ahead at  250-244-6492
  • Find Taco Revolution 100% Gluten-Free Food Truck parked outside Red Arrow Brewing (5255 Chaster Road) most Tuesdays for their famous $3 tacos – instead of the regular $4 – and on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Noon to 5pm. Call Red Beer Brewing to confirm at (250) 597-0037.

Taco Revolution Food Truck

Taco Revolution Craig

Check the Events Schedule for Today’s Location

Taco Rev Pork Belly Tacos

  • Pork Belly Lovers! Taco Revolutions cures fresh slabs of this porcine delicacy by rubbing them in  a dry brine using salt and spices, cures for 2 days, then slow-smokes them over a hardwood blend. Made in small batches, arrive early before these tacos sell out!

Taco Revolution’s tortillas are prepared fresh daily at their dedicated gluten-free facility, made with gluten-free corn masa flour! Authentic Guajillo, Ancho, Achiote, Chipotle spices and cocao are imported from dedicated facilities in Mexico. All other ingredients are sourced fresh, and as locally as possible from locally sourced, wild-caught Rockfish to cilantro, carrots to tomatoes! No gluten is allowed on the food truck – full stop! Love, love, love the Revolution!

Taco Revolution tacos are so good you will want them every day, and that’s possible: Keep tabs on Taco Revolution no matter where they go!

Taco Revolution WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitter


Classic Beef


Chicken Tinga


Cochinita Pibil


Refried Bean


Chorizo Vegetariano


Carne Asada


Grilled Fish


Pork Belly


Al Pastor, Jerk Chicken, Braised Lamb …

Bring the Taco Revolution to your event.

Taco Revolution takes care of your guests with their “All-you-can-eat taco parties.” Like having an open bar, but with tacos! Their prices range from $15 to $20 per person, depending on the menu.

Easy is their middle name! Taco Revolution provides all necessary biodegradable service ware (plates, napkins, forks, etc.) and for an extra cost we can provide non-alcoholic drinks as well. Let them give you the peace of mind you deserve during your event!

Taco-Rev-Wedding-ig-300x300Contact [email protected] or call 250-244-6492 with the desired date, the proposed number of attendees and your preferred budget.

They provide service in Sidney, Victoria, Sooke, Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake, Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Cedar, Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Comox/Courtenay, and anywhere in between.

Dine-In & To-Go Service @ 900 Degrees Wood-Fired Pizza
Aug 3 @ 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm


‘Dining-in’ is back at 900 Degrees Wood-Fired Pizzeria Langford 4:30 to 8pm

Introducing 900° 2 Go! Contactless Take-Out & Curb-Side Pick Up.

900 Degrees offers delivery up to 7km distance. Enter your address at for eligibility and to calculate your delivery charge (between $3.50 and $5.50.)

Build Your Own

Organic tomato sauce, house-made lemon olive, aged balsamic reduction, brie cream sauce, chilli oil, house-made pesto, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, & pizza dough, to go!

Phone orders 250-590-4493. Special COVID-19 hours, open daily from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Order online here

900˚ Pizzeria EAT Magazine

My curiosity about 900˚ Wood-Fired Pizzeria was piqued when I read in the September Edition of Eat Magazine (page 27)  that the owner’s son was a celiac. Executive Chef and Owner, Adrian Ortiz-Mena was quoted as saying,

  • “I think the most innovative thing we have done is bringing really good gluten-free pizza to our customers. My son was diagnosed celiac when he was 5 years old … and he loved pizza. It broke my heart thinking that he could no longer have pizza, so I developed a gluten-free pizza dough just for him. It was a real challenge, a labour of love.”

The Celiac Scene needed to learn more!

I popped into this warm and inviting restaurant on a cold and rainy September night, hoping for the opportunity to speak to a chef or server about their gluten-free options.

I was pleasantly surprised when Adrian himself bounded from the back of the restaurant only too eager to share his son’s health journey and how he had worked at home to create a gluten-free crust that met his discerning chef standards. Using one of the best all-purpose gluten-free flour mixes on the market and few extra-special ingredients, he was able to create a crust that pleased his son – and one that Adrian believed would please his customers.

The details.

900˚ Pizzeria Adrian Ortiz-MenaAs our community well knows, it takes more that a crust to create a gluten-free pizza. Adrian set about to contact the manufacturers of every ingredient used in his entire operation to ensure that the components used in all of his pizzas were celiac-safe. Apart from the wheat flour used for his regular crusts and the garlic bread, every ingredient that 900˚ Wood-Fired Pizzeria in house is gluten-free.

What about the process?

Adrian brimmed with enthusiasm as he explained that gluten-free pizzas are entirely prepared in a dedicated gluten-free area, in a room away from the regular production area. Sauces and toppings are stored in dedicated containers and applied with dedicated utensils that are never used to dress regular pizzas.

When a gluten-free order is processed, the chef washes his hands – up to his elbows – before starting work on an the order. When complete, the  pizza is placed on a dedicated gluten-free pizza peel (handle) and transported to the 900˚ pizza oven where it is cooked to perfection.

Here’s where it gets complicated.

900˚ Pizzeria The Celiac SceneAt 900˚ Wood-Fired Pizzeria,  pizzas are cooked directly on the hearth of their single pizza oven, where other gluten pizzas have also been cooked.  The concern on my face prompted Adrian to escort me directly to the oven itself where he proceeded to sweep to the side the burnt, charcoal dust of the pizza crusts that had been cooked.

While Adrian whole heartedly agreed with me that deep frying food at a standard 325-375˚F does not destroy gluten, he maintains that incinerating to 900˚residual gluten crumbs and flour from previously cooked pizzas and then sweeping them aside, most assuredly does.

That said,  900˚ Wood-Fired Pizzeria  is pleased to cook gluten-free pizzas on sanitized pizza pans for any gluten-free diner’s peace of mind. As a wood-fired pizza purist however,  Adrian cautions that cooking pizza on a pan may generate different results.

Final consideration.

900˚ Pizza The Celiac Scene900˚ Wood-Fired Pizzeria  is most assuredly a pizza lover’s pizzeria. Gluten pizza dough is thrown into the air with gusto, wheat flour coats the kitchen floor like dance dust and a fine coat of flour is evident on surfaces throughout the main preparation area.

That said after two  years’ serving gluten-free pizza, Adrian shared that there have been no reports from gluten-free diners that they have experienced gluten contamination.

As Adrian is quoted as saying in the EAT Magazine article, “I don’t think we really did anything new – we just did it better!”

I would have to agree: for celiac diners who are comfortable with these practices or those who avoid gluten as a lifestyle choice, 900˚ Wood-Fired Pizzeria sets the gluten-free bar as high as I have seen it on Vancouver Island.

Love Pasta?

900˚ Wood-Fired Pizzeria stages occasional pasta specials and always offer the option of Italy’s Schar Gluten-Free Pasta to gluten-free diners!

Gluten-Free Beer?

900˚ Wood Fired Pizza is pleased to serve 100% gluten-free Forager Beer, made in Whistler from sorghum and rice. 

“Where to Eat in Canada” adds @900.degrees to it’s list of worthy restaurants, calling their pizza “as close to perfection as it’s possible to get,” and one of only a handful of restaurants here in Victoria named “Good Buys”. Check out the full review on page 306 of the 2017-18 guide published by Oberon Press. Pick up your copy today!

Gluten-Free Deals

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Country Grocer's Gluten-Free Flyer
The Market Stores Gluten-Free Flyer
Pepper's Foods Gluten-Free Flyer 2
Lifestyle Markets Gluten-Free Flyer
Market on Millstream Supplements
Wise Bite Apple Raspberry wp
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Gluten-Free Restaurants & Shopping

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Welcome to Gluten-Free Paradise!

ellen-baynesThe Celiac Scene™ is your premier resource for fabulous gluten-free living in Victoria, Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands. Owned & operated by celiacs, we guide you to restaurants we trust and  local gluten-free products we love! We even tell you where to purchase them, at the very best prices. Enjoy national ‘celiac’ news, local reviews and non-stop gluten-free event notices. The Celiac Scene is your gateway to Gluten-Free Paradise!

Gluten-Free FAQs

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease occurs in individuals with a genetic predisposition for making antibodies to gluten. When gluten protein – found in wheat, barley and rye – is ingested, autoimmune antibodies not only attack the gluten, they also damage the lining of the small intestine. Symptoms may include digestive pain, constipation, diarrhea and fatigue. The resulting malabsortion of nutrients can lead to slowed growth and development in children and anemia, osteoporosis and fertility issues in adults. Untreated celiacs are also at an increased risk of developing digestive cancers and other autoimmune diseases. The only treatment is a strict gluten-free diet for life. The world-wide incidence of Celiac disease is estimated at 1 in 100. Of the number of people with Celiac disease in Canada, less than 5% will be properly diagnosed in their lifetimes despite the existence of a simple, prescreening blood test. Learn more …

Is there a test for Celiac disease?

Yes! There are two pre-screening blood tests that can determine whether your body makes the antibodies that are associated with Celiac disease:

  • tTg: IgA anti-transglutaminase antibody test
  • Total Serum IgA

While these blood tests are very sensitive, they are not 100% accurate. If the tTg test is positive or the IgA test shows a deficiency, a duodenal biopsy is required to make a diagnosis. Collected under mild sedation, evidence of damage to the lining of the small intestine is definitive proof of Celiac disease.

*Blood tests and intestinal biopsies are diagnostic services that are provided at no charge to residents of British Columbia. See Medical Services Plan.

Ask to be tested if you have unexplained iron deficiency, osteoporosis, brittle type 1 DM, a family history of Celiac disease, have experienced 3 months of frequent diarrhea, weight loss, dairy intolerance or exceptional gas and bloating. Learn more …

Can I be diagnosed if I’ve already gone gluten free?

It is essential that prescreening blood tests and the biopsy be performed while a person is consuming gluten in order to measure the antibodies associated with the disease and observe associated damage to the small intestine. Test results may appear falsely negative if gluten has already been removed from the diet.

Adults should consume 10 grams of gluten (4 slices of bread or equivalent) for at least 1 month prior to testing. Children should consume 5 grams of gluten (2 slices of bread or equivalent).

It may take 2-3 months on a gluten challenge to turn the tTg and biopsy positive. Because it can be very uncomfortable to reintroduce gluten to one’s diet – the gluten challenge is truly a challenge – consult your medical care provider about being prescreened for CD BEFORE choosing to go gluten free. Learn more …

Can I view my test results online?

Yes! My e-health  offers a fast and secure method for patients to receive their results electronically. As soon as results are released from the performing lab, they’re available online in my ehealth. A variety of secure technologies and procedures to help protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. My ehealth is a free service available to residents of British Columbia registered with the Medical Services Plan and is available in 4 languages. Learn more …

What is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?

Individuals with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) experience digestive symptoms that are similar to those experienced by individuals with Celiac disease. Like celiacs, their symptoms improve when gluten is eliminated from their diet. Unlike celiacs, their bodies do not create antibodies to gluten, nor do they exhibit the damage to the small intestine that is the hallmark of Celiac disease. People with NCGS are at no greater risk of developing additional autoimmune conditions or digestive cancers. At the moment, there are no tests that can prove whether one has NCGS. A diagnosis of NCGS can be made when tests for Celiac disease are negative. It is estimated NCGS affects 6-10% of the population. Learn more …

Dermatitis Herpetiformis – Little Sister to Celiac Disease

Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) is an inherited autoimmune disease of the skin marked by groups of watery, itchy blisters. Like Celiac disease, ingesting gluten triggers an immune system response that deposits inflammatory lgA antibodies under the top layer of skin.

The lgA deposits result in eruptions similar to the beginning of a pimple. This painfully itchy rash may progress to red, raised patches of skin that develop into small, watery blisters. The itching and burning of the eruptions are severe and the urge to scratch them is intense. Eruptions commonly occur on pressure points – around the elbows, the front of the knees, the buttocks, back, shoulders, face, and scalp and typically occur on both sides of the body. Sixty percent of those diagnosed are men and the most common ages at diagnosis are between 15 and 40 years old.

A small biopsy of unaffected skin, next to an eruption that reveals the presence of IgA deposits confirms a diagnosis of DH. A strict gluten-free diet for life is the only treatment, but the diet should only be started once a diagnosis has been made. The medication Dapsone may be prescribed to ease symptoms until the gluten-free diet reduces the severity and frequency of eruptions. Learn more …

Why can’t I just go gluten free?

Knowing whether or not you have a chronic autoimmune disorder is important to your future health and the health of your family. There may be a price for choosing not to know.

• Screening for Celiac disease is free in British Columbia
• Blood samples can be collected at your local out patient laboratory
• A diagnosis will tell you how strict your diet needs to be
• In conjunction with a lifelong commitment to the diet,  health complications may be reduced
• Your doctor can better monitor your health for other autoimmune disorders
• Celiac disease is genetic. A diagnosis confirms for your family that they may also be at risk
• Familial screening provides an early diagnosis for those with latent (asymptomatic) Celiac disease
• A diagnosis offers eligibility for future therapies that require a definitive diagnosis
• You may qualify for a Medical Expense Tax Credit
• If Celiac disease is ruled out, your doctor can proceed to test you for other disease(s)
• You can save money on gluten-free food if celiac disease is ruled out! Learn more …