Kitchen Safety in Blended Families – Part 2 | ‘Gluten Free Weigh In Podcast’

gluten free weigh in blended family wpEpisode #35 – My conversation with Aaron centres around how his “new” combined family is dealing with his requirement to eat a gluten free diet. He is also dealing with lots of different personalities and for the most part, all with good intentions. Getting to the point where Aaron feels the family knows enough to keep him safe is still a work in progress. Listen to the podcast here!

Are men with celiac disease unrecognized by the medical community and underserved by support organizations? Are their needs different from those of women diagnosed with celiac disease? If so, what do we need to do about it?  Listen to Aaron’s male perspective!

Episode #34 – Can blended families ‘buy into’ keeping a kitchen safe for a celiac? Aaron & Sue share best cross contact prevention strategies when two families become one. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #33 – Aaron recently married and is in the process of blending his children and his wife’s children into one happy family. It is a time of adjustment, as her gluten-eating teens adapt to Aaron’s, gluten-free household.  Find out if they are following the ‘rules’ needed to keep him safe! Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #32 – Aaron finally makes a full recovery from bariatric weight loss surgery and returns to normal life – for a celiac that is! He speaks to the difficulties of going out to restaurants and the  great experiences he’s had. Sue & Aaron share strategies for eating small meals outside of home. Aaron lets us in a big secret that has changed almost everything in his life. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #31 –  This week  Aaron talks about his problems with EOE, the surgery he had to correct the problem and the follow up  care he is going to receive. Listen in on how much healthier he is. Aaron is back at the gym and you can almost hear the spring in his step. You’ll never guess what his medical team told him to eat, a 180 degree reversal of his weight loss journey. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #30 –  Aaron is trying to eliminate dairy from his diet, in an effort to identify what is aggravating his Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). Removing it is creating big issues for Aaron, which they discuss. Aaron is trying to make a plan for his treatment, but it’s not as easy as it might seem. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #29 – Aaron has only very recently found out he has a condition called EOE, which apparently is not uncommon among those with Celiac Disease. EOE is the short form for Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is an inflammation in the esophagus caused by foods, allergens, or acid reflux. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #28 –  Aaron reports back on the procedure he had to correct a narrowing in the tube to his stomach. He asked whether the doctor could also check in on his small intestine, to monitor the state of his celiac disease, after 18 months on the gluten-free diet. Listen in for the results!

Episode #27 – Sue & Aaron share how the cost of gluten free food doesn’t matter so much  anymore. Both are very happy with their weight loss, but wish they  had done it years earlier. Their reasons why are very different. Aaron explains what bariatric patients mean when they say one-derland! Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #26 – Aaron was diagnosed with celiac disease while he was preparing for bariatric weight loss surgery. Listen in to learn how he is adapting to living gluten free, as well as the non-scale victories he is enjoying after losing 100 pounds. He shares his one regret with podcast host, Sue Jennett. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #25 What’s been harder? Adopting the gluten-free diet or losing 100 pounds? The answer may surprise you! Newly-diagnosed celiac Aaron also reflects on where he’s at and who he feels he has become. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #24 – A nasty stomach flu gave Aaron time to reflect on the changes that have been happening in his overall attitude. He looks at life and food completely differently since his surgery and weight loss. He no longer allows food and his appetite to define him. He is also less judgmental of others. Aaron shares how he feels being in his new body. Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #23 – Can one ever be too thin, or too thin, too fast? Aaron’s medical care team becomes concerned with Aaron’s inability to take in solid food and his resulting weight loss. A follow-up endoscopy has been scheduled to see what may be happening.  Even so, Aaron is making the most of his new-found fitness!  Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #22 – Aaron continues his weight-loss journey, increasing his activity level and thereby courting an athletic injury while playing basketball.  He continues to celebrate his non-scale victories and contemplates his weight goals vs those set by his medical team. His efforts to up his protein intake has him realize that despite a lifetime of being overweight, he was very likely malnourished due to undiagnosed celiac disease.  Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #21 We can relate as Aaron faces his first Thanksgiving as a celiac, but we can rejoice as he embraces ‘non-scale victories’ 3 months after bariatric weight-loss surgery! Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #20 Aaron continues to lose weight but he is having to add more protein to his diet in order to maintain muscle mass. Cottage cheese, protein shakes and yogurt are now on the menu! He is relishing a new chicken rub made with just 4 ingredients! Listen to the podcast here!

Episode #19 Aaron attends a food-based convention across the country that entailed airline travel, navigating buffet food and negotiating gluten-free meals at the host hotel. Dining out had him running around town to provide food to the restaurant! All in all, he had a successful time, topped with the attention of people who can make a difference in the gluten-free food industry. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #18 – Aaron progresses from soft food to ‘normal’ food after bariatric weight-loss surgery.  Food tastes different to him now. Even the temperature of food matters. The weight-loss results have been worth it – except when he loses his pants. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #17 – One month after weight-loss surgery, Aaron admits that a trip to the hospital was proof that hot weather and a desire to resume a hectic lifestyle may have hampered his recovery. The gluten-free status of straws also factor into his conversation with Sue. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #16 – Sue speaks to Aaron, 10 days after his bariatric weight-loss surgery. Things did not go exactly as planned;  there were challenges he didn’t expect, and some decisions he had not anticipated. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #15 – Sue speaks to Aaron for the last time before his bariatric weight-loss surgery. He reflects on how much he has enjoyed a strictly liquid diet for this last month, his thoughts on the surgery and his plan for eating after he gets back home. Good luck, Aaron! We’ll be thinking about you! Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #14 – Aaron, a newly diagnosed celiac, finally gets his date for bariatric weight-loss surgery. Learn about his last month of daunting preparations.  Listen to the podcast here. 

Episode #13 – Changing to a gluten-free diet, or a diet to lose weight, calls upon us to make changes in our behaviors. Aaron & Sue discuss strategies to help us turn old habits into new habits. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #12 – Losing weight can be a deflating experience. Celiacs, Aaron & Sue, discuss the reality of ‘shrinkage’ and skin elasticity after bariatric  surgery. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #11 – Aaron & Sue discuss what motivated them to undertake bariatric weight loss surgery.  Aaron shares what he hopes weight loss will offer. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #10 – Aaron awaits his date for bariatric weight loss surgery. Sue shares the strategies that she used when she had the surgery and how to eat for the first month post-surgery. Ice cream, protein shakes, clear fluids, jello, broth are all on the menu – in small portions.   Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #9 – It’s the last month before Aaron’s bariatric surgery. A strict dietary regime must be followed prior to surgery to lay the groundwork for successful weight loss. Liquid is the key. Sue and Aaron muse about one ‘last supper.’ Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #8 – Sue chats with Aaron about what to expect his life to be like after he recovers from bariatric surgery. So much more than eating less: meal repetition, sharing dinner orders and the wonders of eating popcorn with chopsticks.  Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #7 – Aaron speaks about the psychological screening he underwent in order to qualify for weight loss surgery. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #6 – Sue chats with Aaron about preparing for the bariatric weight loss surgery program. Celiacs have special considerations that may determine whether they undergo gastric ‘bypass’ vs ‘the sleeve.’ Sue’s shares her own experience adapting to the lifestyle changes that the surgery demands. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #5 – Newly diagnosed celiac, Aaron, was dreaming of donuts. His hopes were dashed and that surprised him! Sue suggests ways to cope in the future. Aaron shares his decision to sign up for  bariatric surgery and what the first steps are. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #4 – Newly diagnosed celiac, Aaron, shares his first dining out experiences and receives sage advice from seasoned celiac, Sue Jennett! Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #3 – Aaron speaks about the range of emotions he is experiencing as a newly-diagnosed celiac. Grief,  anger, longing and acceptance. He admits to missing some of his favorites: tortillas, quesadillas enchiladas, sauces & pizza to name a few. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #2 – Aaron opens up about the weightloss strategies he has tried – and abandoned: Keto, Weight Watchers, smoothies and Isagenix. Hear about the breaking point that had him considering – and qualifying for –  bariatric surgery. Sue answers his questions about the gluten-free diet as he begins his journey as a newly diagnosed celiac. Listen to the podcast here.

Episode #1 – Introducing Aaron to ‘Gluten Free Weigh In’ – Aaron signed up for bariatric surgery and ended up with a diagnosis of celiac disease! Go figure! Told from the male perspective, you’ll enjoy Aaron’s sense of humour and his amazement at where he and his family are today! Listen to the podcast here.

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Four years ago Sue had weight loss surgery, lost a lot of weight and gained back a little. She works hard every day to keep her weight under control.