Another Celebrity Goes Gluten Free, Loses Weight, Feels Great!

celebrity celiac

Michael Douglas, 70, who has a history of alcohol abuse and throat cancer, has spoken on ITV’s Lorraine about going gluten-free. “I’m on a gluten-free diet and feel great.” Michael Douglas, 70, reveals how popular diet that ‘boosts memory’ is transforming his health five years after cancer battle.  Douglas, who has five Golden Globes and two Oscars to his name, revealed: ‘I’m great, five years clean and trying [these new diets], something called gluten-free and I must give it high recommendations for you out there.’ Best known for roles in iconic films such as Wall Street and Basic Instinct, the actor has a long history of alcohol abuse, made famous by a 30-day stint in rehab in 1992. The 70-year-old is starring in the new Marvel film, Ant-Man In an interview with Lorraine, Douglas revealed that he is now gluten-free. Recommends the diet and says he has already lost weight on it.

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