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CAUTION: Regular Oats Allowed to Bear Wheat-Free Label

At this time in Canada, ‘regular/commercial/organic’ oats or products that contain ‘regular/commercial/organic’ oats can be labelled ‘wheat-free.’

Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Canadian Celiac Association confirm that this practice conforms to current ‘allergen labeling’ legislation.

Celiacs or those following a strict gluten-free diet should always look for additional information on such products before choosing to consume oats labelled simply ‘wheat-free:’

1. ‘pure or uncontaminated’ See Cream Hill Estates image
2. ‘free of wheat, barley and rye’ i.e. See Only Oats image
3. ‘safe for celiacs, celiac-friendly, safe for those on a gluten-free diet.’ i.e. See Only Oats image
4. product tested for gluten. i.e. See Bob’s Red Mill image

Cream Hill EstatesOnly Oats
Bob's Red Mill