Introducing Your New Fave Nutrition Podcast: The Allsorts Podcast

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Desiree Nielsen, plant-based dietitian, author, TV host, speaker, mama is launching her own podcast!

  • The Allsorts Podcast is here! If you are into food, nutrition and wellness – but not the pseudoscience, guilt and unrealistic expectations that comes with it – this is the podcast for you. Hosted by registered dietitian Desiree Nielsen, The Allsorts Podcast is a place to learn, to question and of course, to have some fun.

In Desiree’s words: “As a dietitian, the internet really gets me down sometimes. Wellness on the internet is loud, confusing, full of conflict and straight up bad advice. And it’s really hard to say something actually helpful in a 30 second IG video. So I write books, like Eat More Plants. And super long, evidence-based blog posts … you’ll find plenty of them on this website about gut health, plant-based nutrition and anti-inflammatory nutrition.

But I also like to talk as much as I like to write. So this podcast has been a long time coming. I wanted to create a nutrition podcast that is free of diet culture garbage. A space that is welcoming for all, no matter what or how you eat. One that will not abide by guilt, shame or comparison. One that honours science, compassion and good old fashioned common sense at the same time. One where you learn something but also come away with tools you can use in your actual life.”
desiree nielson, rd the allsorts podcast
I have the MOST amazing guests. Some you’ll already know. Some you’ll fall in love with as soon as you hear them. We’ll cover everything from plant-based nutrition (is soy good for you?) to chronic conditions (learn more about endometriosis) to myth busting (can fruit rot in your stomach?) to entrepreneurship. Yep, entrepreneurship. I called it The Allsorts Podcast because well, we’re going to talk about all sorts of things.

Also, I like licorice. If you can find me some vegan allsorts I’d reallllllly like some.

Where to listen to The Allsorts Podcast

Want to listen in? You can find The Allsorts Podcast wherever you listen to your pods.

You’ll also be able to listen to individual episodes right here on the website after each episode launches!

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