Farewell Sante ‘Gluten-Free’ Cafe

Farewell Sante 'Gluten-Free' CafeSante Cafe and Bakery in Victoria says ‘Goodbye’ to 100% Gluten-Free Status:

“Unfortunately, as of January 2018, we are no longer 100% gluten-free. The economics of being 100% gluten-free is no longer viable as most restaurants and cafés now offer gluten-free options. Offering lower-cost gluten items allows us to appeal to a broader customer base in the Quadra Street Village area. We do, however, continue to offer gluten-free items and operate our kitchen in manner prevent gluten cross-contamination. We value the past support of the Celiac community and hope that they will continue to support our local business. To fairly represent ourselves in the future, we changed our name from Santé Gluten-Free Café to Sante Café and Bakery. We have updated our website, and will be changing our domain name shortly.”