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If it’s gluten free and happening in Victoria, Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands, you’ll find it listed here! From tastings to contests, farmer’s markets to food trucks – this is your calendar to Gluten-Free Paradise!  Join Victoria’s Gluten-Free Foodies and add a new restaurant – and possibly a new gluten-free friend – to your repertoire!

B-glutenfreevictoria European Baking @ 37th Calico Christmas Market
Nov 10 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

b-glutenfreevictoria booth wpEnjoy baguettes, bars, biscuits, breads, buns, cinnamon buns, coffee cakes, cookies, croissants, filled pastries, loaves (banana bread & orange cranberry,) muffins, pies, sourdough, and best of all – MINI DONUTS!

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Market & Event Appearances!

B-glutenfrevictoria Calico Christmas Market37th CALICO CHRISTMAS MARKET
Sunday, November 10 10am – 5pm
Spectrum Community School at 957 W Burnside Rd, Victoria
$5 entry fee – 12 years & under free

Tanja Blondin wpAbout Tanja!

Listen to Tanja on ‘A Canadian Celiac Podcast!’

Tanja Blondin, Owner / Operator of B-glutenfreevictoria, has been baking for as long as she can remember. Her German heritage continues to inform the food that she creates.

With hospitality in her DNA, Tanja has done it all from baking to catering, always with the best in presentation.

When her daughter was born, Tanja started a cake business that allowed her to work from home. The business was so successful that it grew into a full catering and pastry shop in Ontario. From there, she went on to manage restaurants, including the Starbucks that she transferred to in Sidney, to be closer to family.

Seeking a change from the coffee business, Tanja assumed a position in the bakery department of Sidney Thrifty Foods. It was around this time that she began experiencing health problems that lead her, and her daughter, to be diagnosed with celiac disease. Her employer tried to accommodate her condition with a move to the cake decorating department, but the proximity to airborne gluten flour was too much for her. Tanja had to resign, but that does not mean she stopped baking. Their loss was our gain!

What to do with decades of experience baking European pastries? Tanja reimagined them using gluten-free, organic ingredients, freshly milled at the dedicated gluten-free Millstone Farm Organics in North Saanich:

  • almond flour • baking powder • brown rice flour • buckwheat flour • chia • buckwheat flour • eggs (fresh!) • flax seeds • millet flour • potato starch • psyllium husk • oats (pure) • quinoa • sorghum flour • sliced almonds • tapioca starch • teff flour • xanthan gum • white rice flour

Tanja adapted her favourite recipes to gluten free in her dedicated kitchen, and set up a booth on Sunday’s Mary Winspear Centre to test the market. The response has been so positive that she has gone on to create a ‘B-glutenfreevictoria Food Trailer’ – a first for Vancouver Island and beyond!

View the possibilities below, order online through, or stop by her table during her busy market schedule this summer.

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