The New Gluten Free

Home-Grown Victoria Heroes at National Conference

Gluten Free Resource GuildeJust one year after  The New Gluten-Free Resource Guide launched in Victoria, British Columbia, authors Lisa Diamond, RD and Areli Hermanson, RD will be appearing at the National Conference of the Canadian Celiac Association in Winnipeg! Home-Grown Canadian Heroes!

Partners in  Eat It Up Nutrition Counseling, Lisa and Areli have created the definitive resource for gluten-free baking, identifying the key variables that go into creating ‘good’ gluten-free baking, then putting them back together with the right tools and techniques for exquisite taste and perfect texture. Their ‘Recipe Equation’ gets gluten free right for the FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME! Order online.


“Their approach to gluten-free baking is thoroughly scientific. I will admit going in that I was skeptical about how much I would learn. I could not have been more wrong! Much was new to me. Did you know that:

• Water-based liquids are most suitable for use along with certain flours while fat or egg-based moisture works better with other flours?

• Different starches have wholly different characteristics?

• The amount of xanthan gum to use in a recipe is not determined by the amount of flour called for (as we’ve long been told), but instead by the amount of liquid?

• Would you know how to make a foam and what to use it for?

In the nearly 13 years I’ve been involved with the chapter, I think this was the one of the very best presentations I’ve attended. In my opinion, what Shelley Case did (and does) for our understanding of the GF diet, Lisa and Areli will do for our understanding of GF recipes. Bravo!”