Important Announcement from New York Fries

hot dog without bun wp

  • “Effective immediately, our new hot dogs are no longer gluten-free. We understand that this will disappoint many of our celiac customers who have come to purchase our hot dog without a bun.”

“We know that New York Fries is a trusted brand within the celiac community and our brand sincerely appreciates the loyalty the celiac community has shown us over the years. We therefore wanted to ensure complete transparency and issue this alert to protect the safety of our celiac customers.”

“Please know that this decision to change to a new hot dog was not made lightly. Due to production inconsistencies, it became apparent that NYF’s vendor could no longer produce this recipe effectively for our national chain.  We understand this directly impacts our celiac customers and we are very sorry that our new hot dog will no longer be a safe option for celiac guests to eat.”

“We wanted to also take this opportunity to remind everyone that the New York Fries menu is extensively gluten-free. All customers can safely enjoy the following:”

  • “fresh cut fries
  • variety of poutines including our Classic Poutine, Bacon Double Cheese Poutine, Pulled Pork Poutine and Butter Chicken Poutine 
  • fry-based meals such as the Works and Veggie Fries as well as dips and condiments
  • though they aren’t listed on the menu, customers can also ask for a Chili Poutine or Chili Cheese Fries.”

“We encourage any of our customers to ask for a free small sample of any of our poutines if they want to try before they buy.

  • “Please note that Beef Lovers Poutine, malt vinegar and the shake on seasonings do contain gluten.”

“New York Fries’ priority is always the health, safety, and providing delicious food for its customers. Click here for the most updated information on all allergens in NYF’s menu options.”

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New York Fries Allergen Information

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